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Interrobang issue for Monday, February 15th, 2016

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No-kill status achieved for London municipal shelters
The City of London reached the goal of becoming a no-kill, pro-adoption city, one-and-a-half years ahead of schedule. Orest Katolyk, the chief municipal law enforcement officer commented on this objective. “We have been given dir... Read this article

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The Coldest Night of the Year
On Feb. 20, Missions Services of London is hosting the Coldest Night of the Year for the fifth year in a row. It is a national, non-competitive, winter walk to raise awareness and funds for the hungry, homeless and hurting in the London area. ... Read this article

Pedestrians and vehicles causing problems on London Lane
Due to an increase in complaints from both pedestrians and motorists, Fanshawe Security has placed a security guard near the main entrance of the school during busy bus times in order to enforce the adherence of traffic rules. Special cons... Read this article

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Ontario's new PTSD prevention strategy shows promise
Ontario has announced a new initiative to help prevent and mitigate the onset of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) amongst first responders including police personnel, firefighters and paramedics. Ontario has claimed that the focus of ... Read this article

Trudeau to pull Canada's CF-18's out sooner than expected
While the Conservative government was in power they promised to contribute six Canadian CF-18 fighter jets to the global coalition against ISIL until the end of March. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made a campaign promise to pull Canadian ... Read this article

Fanshawe alumni dips into the pool of success
“When I tell people that I’m from El Salvador, they’re all like, ‘Wow that’s exotic!’ And I’m like, ‘No, it’s not! It’s just El Salvador’,” said Fanshawe graduate Edgard Humb... Read this article

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Fanshawe College still on top, still expanding
Full-time enrollment at Fanshawe College increased this January by 6.5 per cent, continuing the trend established last September when enrollment went up by seven per cent, dwarfing the 2014 provincial average of 2.4 per cent, according to a Fa... Read this article

Educational inequalities impact Aboriginal students
After graduation, many young students are faced with a decision of whether to go on to post-secondary education. However, that may not be the case for everyone. In 2011, Open Canada found that 78 per cent of non-Indigenous Canadians will g... Read this article

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Youth Symposium open to London youth
An annual Youth Symposium hosted by the London Black History Coordinating Committee will be held on Friday, Feb. 20. The free event, which will take place in the Freemasons Room at the Boys & Girls Club of London, aims to, “embrace, ... Read this article


Rumours of Grace: The wide open field of kindness
A few days ago I was in a talking circle with some teens and twenty-somethings. One person began talking about random acts of kindness. She mentioned how she and a group of her friends each bought a $10 coffee shop gift card. Each of them t... Read this article

A war by any other name
There’s a cunning way that some people are able to foil lie detectors. The polygraph machine measures physiological reactions to determine if a person experiences any stress that lying would theoretically cause. It takes practice, but once... Read this article


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Zodiac Stargazer Horoscope
Aries (March 21 - April 19) Why is it Monday again? Aries is marking time, but certain routines must still be observed. Climb outside of this gloomy mindset and reflect on all you’ve accomplished already. Taurus (April 20 - Ma... Read this article

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger
Strength can take on many different meanings for your mind, body and spirit, but ultimately it means improvement or overcoming something. How do you do this? With practice. The next time you find yourself in a weight room, challenge yo... Read this article

G33K LYFE: Flash vs. Flash - The DC cinematic multiverse
With the March release of Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice drawing closer, DC’s answer to the Marvel cinematic universe will have officially kicked off. While watching the Caped Crusader and the Man of Steel duke it out on the big sc... Read this article

Gloria Steinem and the road less travelled
While breakfasting by herself in a quiet lodge just outside of the South Dakota Badlands, Gloria Steinem was approached by a rough-looking biker couple donning chains, tattoos and leather pants. Suddenly, the female biker started to gush over h... Read this article

Lemons and Lines: Pantone colour(s) of the year
For the first time ever Pantone has selected a blending of two colours to represent our year in colour. The two official colours of 2016 are rose quartz, a persuasive gentle tone that is both compassionate and composed, and serenity, a colo... Read this article

Bobbyisms: Hot February gigs for a cold night in London
I write about random things a lot. I write a lot about random things. It’s a tough time of year; the days are slowly getting longer, but it’s hard to get excited about that when you’re getting up early for classes, or not leav... Read this article

Beauty Boy: Working with creams
One of the most feared types of makeup is anything cream based. These products are often vibrant in colour, heavily pigmented but have the misconception that they are hard to work with because they will smudge and crease. However, cream produc... Read this article

Feeling SAD? Here's some brightening news
Feeling a little under the weather with grey skies and snowy days? You’re not the only one. With the weight of the world on a student’s shoulders, dealing with deadlines at school, work commitments and socializing whenever poss... Read this article

Scientific Adventures: NASA rover gives a dozen reasons to celebrate Mars
The pursuit of knowledge on Earth is still going strong, but for this week’s scientific roundup the focus will be off-planet. Smith Cloud on edge of Milky Way a “boomerang” Astronomers have analyzed data from a well... Read this article

The not-so-fantastic five
On Feb. 28, hundreds of Hollywood’s best will put on their finest evening wear and gather at the Dolby theatre for a night celebrating the best cinema had to offer in the past year. But on Feb. 27, adorably dubbed Oscar Eve, another ... Read this article


Fanshawe's curling team to host national championships
Just over a month into the 2016 season, the Fanshawe Falcons men’s and women’s curling teams have an exciting several months ahead of them. They are led by head coach Barry Westman with assistant coaches Tom Devaney, Shirley We... Read this article

Premier League Ponderings: Leicester continue to defy expectations
This is starting to get serious. With only 13 rounds left in this season’s Premier League, Leicester City is not only still in title contention but have pulled five points clear of their nearest challengers. Despite the educated opinions ... Read this article

Motoring: A Mazda masquerading as a Toyota
When is a Toyota not a Toyota? When it’s something else in reality, but wears a Toyota badge. In recent years, Toyota has shown that it likes to collaborate with other auto manufacturers to help bring new and better products to the ma... Read this article

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