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Fanshawe alumnus bikes across Canada to raise money for cancer
Fanshawe alumnus Vincent Long embarked on the trip of a lifetime on Aug. 27 after his long-time friend Silvia was diagnosed with a rare form of stomach cancer. “Silvia had treatments a year ago, got through it, but then it came back ... Read this article

Quality versus quantity
Are high enrollment rates reducing the quality of post-secondary education? An article coming from the Higher Education Quality Control Council of Ontario (HEQCO) is suggesting schools, including Fanshawe, should consider doing the exact ... Read this article

Fanshawe awards scholarships to Syrian refugees
On Sept. 21 Fanshawe College announced its decision to offer full scholarships to 10 Syrian refugees. This decision is a response to the Syrian refugee crisis. Over four million Syrians have fled their wartorn homeland for the chance to st... Read this article

Conservatives promising easier access to student loans
Suzanna Dieleman is the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) Member of Parliament (MP) candidate in the London-Fanshawe riding. She is a mother of four and works as the director of finance for the Township of Malahide. Dieleman said that she... Read this article

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Mental health training available for Fanshawe staff
Recognizing symptoms of a mental illness in others can be a difficult task, but with the high rate of anxiety and other disorders in post-secondary students, being able to recognize and assist them is becoming a valuable skill. Fanshawe fa... Read this article

Predisposed to danger
Why food safety policies at Canadian schools may not be safe enough Andrea Mariano, an 18-yearold Psychology student attending Queen’s University in Kingston died of an anaphylactic allergic reaction on Sept. 18 after buying a smoot... Read this article

Flowing water discovered on Mars
Scientists from NASA have unveiled a historical revelation that changes how we view one of our neighbouring planets; the government organization in partnership with teams from Georgia Tech and the University of Arizona has found non-direct evi... Read this article

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Beer availability in Ontario grocery stores
Weighing the pros and cons A future where beer is available at the grocery store is finally here. Consumers will now be able to buy beer at 450 grocery stores in Ontario. Premier Kathleen Wynne announced this past Wednesday that groc... Read this article


Beginning of the end
For Canadians who tuned into the foreign affairs debate last week, it probably felt a lot like watching a cricket match. There was a lot of excitement, people were yelling, but it was really hard to tell who won. In an epic showdown between the ... Read this article

Human Rights in Ontario: Sexual Orientation
In Canada, both provincial and federal regulations are in place to ensure that everyone has the right to equal treatment and freedom from discrimination. The importance of freedom from discrimination has been recognized as essential to promoting... Read this article

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Rumours of Grace: Spirituality, religion and mental health
During the past several years I have been the chaplain in a youth corrections facility. A large number of youth in the facility are diagnosed with mental health issues. Since nearly all the youth become substantially involved in the chaplaincy p... Read this article


Keep your friends close...
Back in the ’70s and ’80s, South Boston was under the thrall of one man – Jimmy ‘Whitey’ Bulger. Bulger was one of the most infamous criminals in the history of the United States. The FBI, in exchange for giving th... Read this article

These psychedelics will funk you up
Fanshawe students from out of town always seem to be asking the same two questions; “What is there to do in London?”; “Why can’t I find anything?” While London might not compare to a city like Toronto, it excels in... Read this article

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Brandon Tenold: Your online guide to crazy cult cinema
Throughout the ages of cinema history, there have been some movies produced that were so appallingly awful it would be a crime to overlook them. In his increasingly popular YouTube channel dubbed “Brandon’s Cult Movie Reviews”... Read this article

Do you have what it takes to be an Invader?
“Welcome home, son!” If you grew up watching Nickelodeon, you may be familiar with a very strange show called Invader Zim. This was a show about a well-disguised alien named Zim, his robot partner Gir and the human determined t... Read this article

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Start the school year right
Tips for taking control of your financial independence With a new school year in full swing, it brings the excitement of new courses, new friends and independence. For some, independence comes with a price, the price of being financially ... Read this article

Expanding Your Window of Tolerance: Explaining and Understanding Chronic Anxiety
Your hands are trembling. You feel nauseous and you begin to feel dizzy. You think you’re going to faint. Drenched in sweat, you tell yourself to calm down, to just take a breath. But you can’t breathe. You feel like you’re dying. ... Read this article

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Beauty Boy: Mature makeup
Makeup is something that is meant to enhance our beauty and our best features. We start playing around with colours and textures while we are young, but as we age some people start to fall into the confusion of makeup rules. People begin t... Read this article

G33K LYFE: Doctor Who season nine premiere
Old foes return in the newest season Warning: Spoilers to follow “Question. Where did I get the cup of tea? Answer. I’m The Doctor, just accept it.” Doctor Who kicked off the ninth season of the revived series ... Read this article

Burn the maximum amount of calories in a short amount of time
No matter what exercise or routine you are on, there are several ways you can amplify the total calorie burn. Here are six ways to do just that. 1. A full range of motion at the joints may be difficult, but it will ignite the intensity in ... Read this article

Bobbyisms: Music playlists
From art form to platform I write about random things a lot. I write a lot about random things. It was a handful of Octobers ago that my first column ran in Interrobang and in it I offered tips to improve upon personal playlists, a few su... Read this article

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Zodiac Stargazer Horoscope
Aries (March 21 - April 19) You’re active and generative. Be ready to celebrate, but don’t let that stop you from doing what must be done. Your vigor is the easy and final answer to the most frequently asked question. Ta... Read this article

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Mental Health: Its effects on you
The mind is a complicated jumble of wires, controlled by a careful balance of chemicals and greatly influenced by every life experience. When those wires get crossed, the balance is lost or life happens in a way to change you forever, there’... Read this article


Busy weekend for Falcons soccer
The Fanshawe men's and women's soccer teams each had a very successful day on Sept. 26 at home defeating the Conestoga Condors. The men's team recently cracked the CCAA National Rankings, coming in 13th prior to their match aga... Read this article

Fanshawe women's softball player, Kady Hawkins, recognized as an All-Star
Kady Hawkins, a London native, has had an impressive collegiate softball career. Last year she was honoured with the 2014 OCAA Rookie of the Year and was recognized as an All-Star. This year, she isn’t showing any signs of slowing do... Read this article

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Premier League Ponderings: Pre-season Premier predictions
Another round of Premier League play has passed by, and while there wasn’t a big event to discuss, it brought another set of observations, talking points and general football chatter for us to mull over this week. Officiating E... Read this article

Rookies shine for Knights
It may be early in the season, but the London Knights rookies appear to be in mid-season form. After a season opener that saw the Knights comeback from a 2-1 deficit to beat the Hamilton Bulldogs 5–3 in front of 9,046 fans at Budweis... Read this article

2016 Scion iM: The economic hatchback
If you’ve been waiting for the third-generation model of the popular Toyota Matrix to show up, I’ve got bad news for you. Toyota has decided to kill off the Matrix and there is no comeback planned. However, you shouldn’t b... Read this article

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