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OSAP stops punishing vehicle owners
Car-owning students can now breathe a sigh of relief as they no longer have to think about cars when filling out their OSAP applications. This will be especially wonderful news for the many Fanshawe students who need their vehicles to commute ... Read this article

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Waste bins get a face-lift across campus
When Fanshawe’s sustainability department experimented with new waste bin designs back in February, it wasn’t clear to co-ordinator Mary- Lee Townsend if and when all bins on campus would receive a face-lift. At the end of March... Read this article

Alumnus a cut above the competition
Fanshawe College has always been a hotbed for talent and award winners from filmmaking, to music production, to athletics. Now the school can add a nationally renowned hairstylist to its roster. Dustin Schumann, a graduate of Hair Stylist ... Read this article

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New programming and plans to better Fanshawe
Fanshawe is launching a total of 15 new programs in September as part of the college’s plan for the future. This news was brought about in a press release, which highlighted key goals for student success, enrolment, facilities expans... Read this article

Late to class: The downs of the London Transit Commission
If there’s one thing Londoners like more than London Knights hockey games, it’s complaining about their bus service; but it’s easy to complain about something when you have nothing to compare it to. Looking at similar-size... Read this article

School of Building Technology has support beams in London
The School of Building Technology at Fanshawe College is now named after the late founder of EllisDon, a London construction company. The Donald J. Smith School of Building Technology was named after the construction company founder, who ... Read this article

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Shifting gears: Upgrading London transportation
All facets of transportation in the city are working hard to be more efficient. Public transit is expected to be more reliable following the SHIFT initiative and taxi services are going green by choosing hybrid cars. “For the last nu... Read this article

Ontario grocery stores to sell six-packs
Allowing 450 Ontario grocery stores to sell beer is equal to the number of The Beer Store locations in the province, and is in addition to over 600 LCBO stores. With Ontario entering into the Beer Framework Agreement with The Beer Store, c... Read this article

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LAWN launches Wi-Fi into London's sky
Nodes on Richmond Row are the beginning of the plan to make Wi- Fi accessible throughout the entire city. Local organization Downtown London paired with Turnstyle Solutions and Cisco-owned Meraki Technologies in April to launch the London... Read this article


Don't judge a film by its trailer
NEW WESTMINSTER (CUP) — Today, more than ever, the anticipation for a movie is almost as much fun as actually seeing it. Photos, plot details, and trailers advertising the latest big-budget franchise cause discussion and hype, ensuring the... Read this article

What 'Albertastan' could mean for the country
WATERLOO (CUP) — It’s official: pigs are flying and hell has frozen over. The province of Alberta elected a bunch of socialists to form their next government. I understand few reading this care about an election in Alberta, so why do... Read this article


London puts the 'L' in leadership
Social justice was approached in a different way this year by two students. Janice Lam, a second- year student at Brescia University College and Erica Boudreau, a London local attending Mount Allison University exemplify how one person can mak... Read this article

Street safety soars, railways roar
As you wander the streets of London this summer, whether exploring a new area in the sun, stumbling home after enjoying a night of patio partying or visiting a favourite haunt with friends, it’s important to remember you aren’t alon... Read this article

Geppetto Stark, what have you done?
The world is ill. Murder, corruption and avarice roam the city streets. Now, from the skies above, the world darkens with new threats from far galaxies. S.H.I.E.L.D., the first line of defense, has been compromised and now lies in ruins, and o... Read this article

Not everyone has perfect pitch
It’s been three years and the award winning Barden Bellas are back in Pitch Perfect 2. After a ridiculous stunt goes awry in front of the President of the United States, the Bellas are in hot water with only one chance to get out of the ... Read this article

Starry skies on summer Saturdays
With the continued excitement of NASA’s James Webb Telescope, set to be launched in late 2018 as a much-needed update to Hubble, as well as recent news about protesting around Hawaii’s Mauna Kea proposal for the world’s larges... Read this article

Trigun brings the Old West to the Final Frontier
NEW WESTMINSTER (CUP) — I initially credited Cowboy Bebop as the show that helped me get anime. By that criteria, I should have mentioned Trigun, the first anime series I ever watched from start to finish and truly enjoyed. Adapted by Ma... Read this article

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StopGap stepping up local accessibility
Founded in 2011, the StopGap Foundation began with the goal of providing ramps to businesses with a single step storefront – a seemingly simple barrier to accessibility that is pandemic in Canadian communities and around the worl... Read this article

7 crazy nights
London offers a wide variety of bars and pubs for students to quench their thirst, socialize and do what it is they came to college for. It can be difficult to plan exactly where it is you want to go. Here is your map to the booziest London week ... Read this article

London Festivals offer lots to look forward to this summer
This summer the city of London will host a number of festivals in the downtown core. You can expect music from around the world, whether you’re into jazz, rock, country or folk. There will also be food to satisfy all taste buds from awardwi... Read this article

Wild Minds and mild manners
Bands go through a lot of changes over the years; members leave, new muses surface and the pressure of turning into a pop music takes its toll. Mumford & Sons, the band made famous for its banjo-driven, high tempo folk music, has recently ... Read this article

David Vertesi dives into solo work
The lights come on, the band takes the stage and the first notes of Sad Dad Cruise Ship music fill Rum Runners. David Vertesi, guitar in hand, begins with songs from his 2010 album Cardiography, playing with a passion and personal touch that s... Read this article

Music streaming is heating up this summer
As the music industry crawls into the digital age, decades behind the rest of the world, we continue to find new ways of listening to music. Whether it’s been pirated, burned, downloaded or shared, people are listening to music now more t... Read this article

Rockers creating big sound waves
Canadian indie rockers in the band Zerbin have been touring across Canada since 2009, but it wasn’t until winning awards in 2012 at Edmonton Music Awards for Best Single and Music Video of the Year that creative brains frontman Jason Zer... Read this article

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Favourite finds in Forest City
Living in a new city can be difficult and it’s not always easy to find things to do in your down time. Sure, there are the big festivals you hear about on the radio, but people aren’t always around to tell you about the smaller thin... Read this article

City cycling: New summer, new plans, new paths
With the beginning of summer just around the corner the City of London is getting ready to ensure Londoners feel safe and welcome when they get on their bikes. With over 91 km of bike paths already spread throughout the city across green s... Read this article

Stretch your grocery budget with price matching
DISCLAIMER: Some store policies may vary from the information that follows. Please check with your local store about its specific policies before shopping. Price matching is a relatively new craze hitting London that owes its success to ... Read this article


Home run: From student to coach
Captain of Fanshawe’s first men’s baseball team Paul Lytwynec will be returning next season as an assistant coach. He was also captain of the Western University men’s baseball team. According to Fanshawe Athletics officer... Read this article

Premier League Pondering: Chelsea crowned, Burnley and QPR Down
As another season of English football comes to an end, it's time to look back, reflect and take stock of the performances of the 20 clubs that made up the 2014/15 season if the Premier League. To the surprise of absolutely nobody, ther... Read this article

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