Career Corner - Campus employment: Work $tudy

Need a few extra dollars this semester? Got a few extra hours during the week? Check out the Part-Time Work Study Program — if you qualify, you might just find yourself working on campus in a college department or with the Fanshawe Student Union.

The purpose of the on campus Part-Time Work Study Program is to assist students who are in financial need, who may be receiving financial aid through OSAP or have obtained another educational loan but still require additional assistance. Part-time work study jobs have been created on campus so students will have the resources to meet expenses associated with their education. The added bonus is that these positions also give you valuable experience to add to your resume.

Here's how you get started. As soon as possible before September 27, you must complete the Work Study application (available online at Select Click here to apply, and under Bursary Name, enter “Part-Time Work Study”, and hit Search. Review the criteria for the Part- Time Work Study program and select Apply. From there, log on using your FanshaweOnline username and password. Provide the information as requested and submit your application. Staff in the Financial Aid office will review your application to determine your eligibility and provide a written response.

To qualify, students must meet the Canadian Citizenship criteria, be taking at least a 60 per cent course load during the September to April period, have a demonstrated financial need and must be making satisfactory academic progress. While candidates should have been assessed for OSAP and been eligible for assistance, some exceptions to students not being eligible for OSAP will be considered.

Available Part-Time Work Study jobs are posted on the Career Services job posting site, accessible through FanshaweOnline (from the right hand toolbar, select the link to Career Services and Co-op Job Site). Once logged in, select the link to Job Postings and further select On-Campus Jobs. Only those approved for the program can apply to these positions, so if you are approved, bring your approval letter to D1063, Career Services, and ask for the contact information for the positions you viewed on the website which you wish to apply to. Complete the Part-time Work Study application as soon as possible to avoid being disappointed.

Here is a listing of the positions currently available on campus:

Used Book Shop - Cashier & Data Input; Used Book Shop — General; Peer Tutor; Junior Advertising Representative; Biz Booth Cashier; Biz Booth Poster Person; Custodial; Biz Booth Street Team; Financial Marketing Team (FMT); Graphic Designer; Illustrator; Photographer; Sports Writer; Videographer/Producer; Writer/Reporter; Computer Technician; Junior Research Assistant; Restaurant General Labourer; Entertainment Crew Member; CRM/ Recruiter Implementation Assistant; Music Production Lab Assistant; Theatre Arts Assistant; Web Developer for Interactive Media Design; Web Developer for Interactive Media Post Diploma Programs; Media Loans and Studio Facility Assistant; Print Services Operator; Lab Monitor; Office Assistant; Junior Research Analyst; FSU Office Clerk; Financial Marketing Team; Restaurant General Labourer; Food Prep; Computer Technician; Multi-Media Assistant; Student Customer Service Ambassador; Student Graphic Designer; Student Photographic Archivist; Student Videographer; Student Website Assistant; Student Ambassador; Special Projects Assistant

Need assistance? Drop by the Career Services office in D1063. The Career Services staff are available to assist you on an individual basis. Visit the office in D1063 to arrange an appointment with the consultant responsible for your program or call 519 452- 4294. To access job listings for Fanshawe students and graduates, visit or Follow us on Facebook, Twitter @FanshaweCS and Pinterest