Fanshawe signs Sustainable Development Goals Accord

A photo of college executives signing the SDGs Accord. CREDIT: FANSHAWE COLLEGE
Candace Miller, Peter Devlin, and Jeff Wright (pictured) sign the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Accord.

Fanshawe College has officially launched a new sustainability action plan, in line with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The event took place on March 5, with Fanshawe president Peter Devlin, signing the SDG Accord.

“We are proud to sign the SDG Accord, reaffirming our dedication to creating a sustainable future,” said Devlin. “By making our commitment, we pledge to integrate the principles of the Sustainable Development Goals in the college’s curriculum and operations.”

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The college’s action plan has been developed through a consultative process that they said is rooted in multiple research stages to leverage the strengths of the college. The plan focuses on quality education, economic growth, reducing inequalities, climate action, and more.

“The advancement of the SDG action plan is a critical next step in demonstrating Fanshawe’s commitment to the goals,” said Vice-President of Corporate Strategy and Business Development, Jeff Wright. “The plan aligns well with Fanshawe’s strategic goals, commitments and values, as well as our key functional areas across the college.”

The UN’s SDG Accord is designed as a commitment made by colleges and universities in order to embed their goals into the country’s education, research, leadership operations, administration, and engagement activities. The SDGs were originally adopted by member nations of the UN in 2015, with a target to achieve their goals by 2030.

“Our collective efforts will not only shape the minds of future leaders, but also contribute to a world where environmental, social, and economic sustainability thrive,” said Devlin.

In addition to the accords as well as the action plan, Fanshawe’s Corporate Training Solutions and Fanshawe Global have formed a partnership with All Women L.E.A.D. (Leverage, Empower, Achieve, Do). The partnership has introduced an initial module of a five-part micro-credential course entitled Elevate & Empower: Unleashing Gender Equality in the Workplace.

“We are thrilled to offer exclusive access to this course in a First 100 capacity to our All Women L.E.A.D. members and the community at large,” said partner Melissa Maloney. “We couldn’t think of a better time for this announcement than at our Annual Achieve Event, in celebration of International Women’s Day.”

All Women L.E.A.D. was created with the intention of becoming a source of support and empowerment for women in all areas of leadership. They say they act primarily through events and an ever-growing virtual community.

“This program is an excellent example of the positive impact colleges can make in their local and global communities when working together with strategic partners,” said Executive Director of Business Development and Strategic Support, Candace Miller. “Our approach leverages the uniqueness and strengths of each partner, while remaining focused on the common goal of advancing gender equality.”

The initial beta launch is now open for registration, with the remaining modules scheduled for release over the course of the year. The course will initially be launched domestically, with plans to expand internationally in the near future.