Fuel Rocket League scores NACE championship title

A graphic showing members of the Fuel Rocket League team and the words 'Champions, NACE Conference Titans' CREDIT: LOGAN MORAND
Sistane (left) and Nero (right) are on the championship cover after a memorable win in NACE varsity plus action.

Fuel’s Rocket League team won the Nation Association of Collegiate Esports (NACE) varsity plus division. Fuel faced Missouri Western State University (MWSU) in the finals and won 4-3 in the best-out-of-seven matchup. Fanshawe Fuel blasted off great winning 4-0 in the first match. MWSU bounced back fast with a 1-0 win in the second match.

Fuel struggled to pull their way back into the match losing 1-0 in game three and then 2-1 in game four. MWSU needed one more win to become NACE champions but the Fuel Rocket League team had other plans. Gears changed all of a sudden and Fuel won 4-2 in game five. They were finally able to bring back the heat and won game six 2-0 to bring it to the deciding game seven.

The intensity was high for both teams and neither one wanted to give up on this long back-and-forth battle. With the great comeback stride, Fanshawe Fuel won the final game 4-2. It was an incredible win for Fuel to take the title and a match that they will certainly remember.

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In regular season matches, the Fuel Rocket League team was in second place with six wins and one loss. The main squad attained Nero, Not Nxzy, Sistane and Leopard as a substitute. Sistane was playing for Rocket League, Valorant and Omega Strikers in the fall semester for Esport Collegiate games. Sistane mentioned that he had no stress from transitioning to playing different games and can’t believe that he is able to walk away with two championship titles in Valorant and Rocket League.

The Fuel Rocket League team had a guaranteed spot in the semi-finals. Fanshawe Fuel faced Southern Mississippi Black in the semis and took a massive 4-1 win for the best-out-of-seven match-up.

Fuel also had two other teams competing in other NACE divisions. The two teams did not end up making it into playoff action but still kept their heads up. Ralph “Leopard” Constantin mentioned that it was odd what happened for the other two Fuel teams.

“They put us in high divisions for some reason, we’re a champion- three team rank level and they put us against grand champion ones in all league. No team was similar to us and made it tough for us to compete,” Constantin said.

They are hoping to bounce back. Fanshawe Fuel will be holding try-outs in January winter season. Make sure to follow Fuel socials and to join the Discord server to keep up with all the latest announcements.