More Fuel teams back in action

A graphic of the Fuel logo and the words: Fuel back in action. CREDIT: ALEX ALLAN
Teams have been finalized and games are soon to ramp up throughout the month of October.

Captains and managers from Fuel Esports have finalized their rosters for the fall 2023 semester. The Call of Duty (CoD) team has moved onto their fourth match of the season already. While Rocket League just started their first matches on Sept. 25. Other games will also be starting their first league matches within the first couple weeks of October.

Here’s what we know so far:

Call of Duty (CoD)

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The Fuel team is on a hot start with a four-game winning streak. After the match on Sept 27. against Iowa, Kings University forfeited their upcoming match on Oct. 4. The Fuel team is hoping to keep this momentum up throughout this season. Each match-up is a best three out of five face off and Fuel have not conceded one loss so far.

Kay “KMC” Carney from Business Marketing can’t believe how well the team has been performing out there.

“Coming into the team, I was quite nervous but try-outs went well and we have a great squad,” Carney said.

She also mentioned that there is a lot of team chemistry and chatting with each other before the matches have helped a lot.

“The first week for me felt like I was the new kid since everyone else seemed to know each other a bit and I really wanted to do well to show I can do well on this team,” she said.

Carney used to play for St. Clair College’s academy team and had a successful journey competing there. She hopes to activate that same passion here for the Fuel team. Next match is on Oct. 11 against Conestoga College who are also a top team that Fuel will be fighting against for First place.

Rocket League (RL)

All teams are looking strong this fall semester for Fuel RL. They have three teams put together and here are the rosters for each.

  • Fuel Varsity: Sistane (Captain), Nero and Nxzy as starters and Leopard as a substitute.
  • Fuel Academy: Leopard (Captain), OfficialPaper1 and Wiseyslides as starters and RustyG as a substitute.
  • Fuel Rising: Wagon (Captain), Bryden and Greely as starters and Perc3l as a substitute.
All of the teams had their first match on Sept. 25 and started off well. Ralph “Leopard” Constantin said that all teams played great out there. Fuel Varsity faced Manchester University and won their first season match. The Academy team faced Rochester Institute of Technology and lost 3-0 in the best out of five match-up. The Fuel rising team lost three to two in their best out five matchup series but fought strong until the very last second.

“Rough start for our Academy and Rising teams but we will bounce back,” Constantin said. “I feel that all players shined with their individual and teamwork skills. Every player is talented and popped off when needed.”

Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO)

Here is the final roster the CS:GO team:

  • Jayvee “ny1ander” Macapugay (In-game leader)
  • Tyler “TylerS” Steenbergen (Entry/awp)
  • Brayden “Cario” Grills (Support)
  • Jonathan “Dawner” Wheeler (Lurk)
  • Sage “cemyteri” Baeck (Flex)
  • Siddharth “Orochimaru” Keshwani (Sub)
  • James “Purzaa” Perez (Sub)
Macapugay mentioned that the roster is different from what he imagined it to be. He had to change the roster around unfortunately due to a player not able to compete anymore this semester.

The team will be competing in the National Association of Collegiate Esports (NACE) Varsity Plus division. Macapugay said they will be playing against other fellow Ontarian schools. St. Clair College and Conestoga College will be in their division.

“I’m excited to play St. Clair on Oct. 27 because I nearly moved to Windsor to attend school for business before choosing Fanshawe College,” Macapugay said. “I have met many students that have attended or graduated from St. Clair and have yet to cross paths with them within CS:GO. This opportunity will let me play against an old high school friend that is currently enrolled at St. Clair and funny enough used to be Steenbergen’s roommate back in the day.”

Macapugay is not too familiar with any of the players from Conestoga College. He has two friends that attend the school for basketball.

“It’s kind of surreal that a small town like Woodstock has members making such impacts across schools in Ontario and even the states.”

Macapugay is happy that Fuel was able to pull together a team this semester. They had a few players leave that were some key players in roles. Macapugay is hoping to pull the strings together and attempt to bring another trophy to Fanshawe Fuel’s cabinet.

The team was supposed to play their first match of the season on Sept. 29 but got postponed. CS:GO recently updated their game to Counter Strike 2 (CS2) now which has caused some confusion. NACE put this season together for CS:GO but this game is no longer active since the company made the update to CS2. More information will be provided in the next upcoming weeks about what will be happening to this league.

More information is soon to come as other teams start their first matches of the season in October. The Valorant team has their rosters finalized. FUEL Valorant manager Adam “Boyc3” Boyce mentioned that the varsity team got put into the top division other than legends for academy.

“Right now, the Academy team is playing higher competition than the Varsity team,” Boyce said. Fuel Rainbow Six Siege played their first match of the season on Sept. 28. They faced Marietta College and won two to zero in the best out of three series match.

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