The infinite surprises of Bethesda’s Starfield

A graphic of Starfield artwork. CREDIT: MAURICIO FRANCO
Apart from its fast-travel flaw, Starfield has been very enjoyable so far.

Starfield officially launched Sept. 6. Starfield was developed by Bethesda Softworks and is the first new universe in over 25 years from the video game company. Bethesda is known for some other top-notch games like Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Fallout 4. Starfield is an open world action role-playing game based in space. You get to be an astronaut exploring the galaxy and discovering new worlds.

I was quite unsure how good this game was going to be on its release date as there has been recent a trend of new games not living up to their expectations. Starfield actually came out of the gate doing very well. The customization of creating your character was very well done. I mean, you want to have a cool looking character as you take on this incredible journey in the game! You can experience different background stories based on the decisions you make when creating your character. Plus, each character also comes with a different set of traits.

I don’t want to give too much away about the game but there is a lot to explore. I won’t say how many hours I’ve played but it’s been quite a lot and I feel that I haven’t even scraped the surface of the game yet. There are many other characters to check out too. I usually ended up going off onto many other side quests and I’ve seen that there are many benefits from doing so for your character.

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Of course, this game isn’t perfect and I have the same complaint that I’ve seen many other people making: There are so many worlds to travel to. When you leave a planet, you have to go and strap yourself back into your ship to head back out into space. The transitions as you leave each planet are cool but then I started to notice something. You cannot get to places without fast-travelling. In some open world games like Destiny or even Fallout, you can take the long way and walk across the maps with the option to fast-travel to your destination.

It just seems strange because it’s misleading when you think you can freely roam around in the universe. Cutscenes pop up a lot throughout space flight and it makes it feel like you’re not really the one exploring this universe. It’s just mainly a buzzkill and it’s something that it seems that Bethesda should look at changing around in the future.

Overall though, the game has been very good. I’m excited to keep exploring and seeing what else is out there in this endless universe. There’s a cool Easter egg I found on Jupiter’s icy moon Europa. Look for the outpost, and in the cafeteria there is a vending machine labelled “CAN-UCK!” It’s canned Canadian food! There are cans of CANuck! Bacon, CAN-uck! Pilsner, CAN-uck! Pancakes and Maple Syrup, CAN-uck! Poutine and the best one yet, CAN-uck! Double Double coffee. It’s quite cool to see some small secrets they’re adding to the game and I’m excited to see more.

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