FUEL starts to step it up a notch

A graphic showing various FUEL stats CREDIT: FANSHAWE FUEL
The Call of Duty (CoD) team recently pulled a win in a hectic game against Carleton University.

The Fanshawe Ultimate Esports League (FUEL) Valorant squad recently got a big win against Drexel University. Within the fourth round of the first match, Sworns won a beautiful round, being the last man standing and eliminating the last two opponents on Drexel to fire things up. The second match was played on the map Pearl. The game at the start was close, but Fanshawe was able to take the lead and got a clean 2-0 win from a best two out of three match-up. The team mentioned that they are hoping to keep this winning streak going as it has taken a bit of momentum to capture their first wins. Right now, Fanshawe is sitting in fifth place with two wins and three losses in the NACE Starleague East 2 Conference division.

The Call of Duty (CoD) team recently pulled a win in a hectic game against Carleton University. In the first round of the best of five match-up, FUEL was able to just slip away with the win after a neck and neck hardpoint round. The second round saw FUEL and Carleton evenly matched throughout the first to six match of search and destroy, with Fanshawe pulling away after 11 rounds. In the third round in control, Carleton took the win in another close tied-up round. Fein clutched up big in the final round by getting a six streak to help FUEL tie up the game in the fourth round of hardpoint, leading to them winning the match 3-1. FUEL later had to face Western University after that tough match-up and Western swept FUEL away with a 3-0 win in the best three out of five matches. The Fuel Academy team has folded their season and A1rzee is now going to put the controller down for a bit before coming back to play on a Collegiate team for Call of Duty.

Fanshawe FUEL Rocket League (RL) team had an incredibly close matchup against Niagara University in the Eastern Conference Athletic Conference (ECAC). Each round in the best of seven match-up was neck-and-neck and went down to round seven in the match. Right at the start, in round seven, the teams were tied 1-1. Getting close to the one-minute mark, Spayce scored a remarkable goal from halfway that gave FUEL the lead 2-1. Not long after, Niagara University tied it back up and neither team were giving up on this fight. With 30 seconds on the clock, Spayce clutched up for FUEL which led to them winning the final round 3-2 and walking away with the win from the best out of seven matches.

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With a lot of the Fanshawe FUEL teams tasting victory this week the Counter Strike: Global Defense (CS: GO) team lost their first match of the season. Fanshawe lost to Purdue Black 2-1 in a best two out of three match-up in the National Association Collegiate Esports (NACE) league. Over in Rainbow Six Siege (R6) action, the FUEL team has not lost a game yet and is currently sitting with four wins right now in their league. Fanshawe’s Apex had their first tournament of the season. Eleven teams faced each other in three games of Apex. You can check out the Fanshawe FUEL Twitch channel to get the whole breakdown of the tournament and hopefully more are soon to come.

A few other new streams and videos are out on FUEL. Wishyful has come out with a whole new series on the Fanshawe FUEL YouTube channel called “Wishyviews,” where Wishy interviews various women in gaming here at FUEL. In the first episode Wishy talks to Grass, who is from the Overwatch FUEL team. The other new stream that has come out is The FUEL Report, where we talk about FUEL news every Saturday with top ten plays that happened in matches every week.