An action-packed treasure hunt: Outer Banks season three

Still of a group of teens from the series, Outer Banks, walking across a beach CREDIT: NETFLIX
This show never ceases to entertain and it is so action-packed. Every. Single. Second of it.

WARNING: This article does contain spoilers from season three of Outer Banks. If you do not want to know what happens, do not read any further.

I am currently sitting with tears still welled up on my cheeks following season three of Outer Banks (also known as OBX). That, I hope, shows what a rollercoaster this season was.

For those who are reading this and might not know, Outer Banks is an Indiana Jones-esque Netflix series. It follows a group of teens who are working towards finding treasure and going from rags to riches. The group comprises of two kids who are from the rich side of the island, but were adopted into the group. This show never ceases to entertain and it is so action-packed. Every. Single. Second of it.

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I don’t really know where to begin with this review, so bear with me as we try to recap this journey together. OBX is known for its crazy cliffhangers, in my opinion at least.

Every season thus far leaves you with this immediate need for the next episode and for die-hard fans like myself, they come a year after watching. Where we left off in season two, John B. Routledge’s dad, (who for all we knew was dead) is asking for help from Carla Limbrey. She, as we know, had connections to Denmark Tanny, who was Pope Heyward’s relative many moons ago. And the pogues (the name of the lower-class people in OBX) were stranded on an island.

This was such a shocking turn of events…and that shock all came rushing back as I began season three. If you have seen the new season already, I’m sure you know the shock. But it completely warmed my heart that they didn’t kill off John B.’s father. When John B. followed the bells calling him home and discovered it was truly his dad, I was a mess. I was crying such happy tears, especially as they reflect on the last encounter the two had before Big John (John B.’s dad) was presumed dead — a pretty bad argument where John B. called his father “the worst father in the world.”

I loved that this journey; what originally started out as John B. carrying on his legacy and trying to make a better life for him and his friends turned into a full circle moment where Big John could tag along and help out. And, my gosh, did they need it.

As they continued their fight with Carlos Singh, who we learn is also after the treasure and fighting the group, they get into so many fights where quite frankly…I don’t know how they survived! I won’t go into too much detail. The fun for this one is sprinkled throughout the entire season.

What I loved most about this season is I never once felt bored. There was always something happening and a new twist. Something the writers of OBX are great at. This is a full attention type show because if you look away, I promise, you will miss something important. It is full of twists and turns, keeping the audience on their toes. I have talked to many of my friends and they all agree that this is such a wild season. Assuming you have already watched, they get what they wanted. They find the gold, but it’s also a race against time to get down the giant mountain. At this point, Singh is chasing them, trying to steal the gold from them. This was a mission that both Singh and Big John dedicated their lives to. And they weren’t about to work together. Eventually, they blow Singh up and escape, but all of a sudden Ward Cameron (John B.’s mortal enemy and his girlfriend’s dad) comes out of the bushes to steal the gold. But that’s not the most exciting part. One of Singh’s men comes out after they talk Ward down from shooting them. And this time, Singh’s accomplice is not about to back down.

I won’t go into too much detail about what happens next. I don’t want to spoil everything and this is a pivotal moment in the season finale. But let’s just say I cried. A lot.

The show later cuts to 18 months later, where they drop another cliffhanger for the next season; after they conquer El Dorado’s gold, they are asked to go find Blackbeard’s treasure. OH LORD. That’s where we are now and I still am in shock.

Overall, if you haven’t seen this show…sorry. To be completely fair, I gave a spoiler warning! I tried to keep it light on the spoilers but I did hit the big things. Regardless, this is a show that I recommend everyone watch. It is easily my favourite show and as soon as I finish the latest season, I am always wishing for the next one. Even for people who don’t like violence (like myself) but still enjoy a tale about friends who would do anything together in a super exciting adventure, I still recommend it. The violence isn’t too bad in seasons one and two. In this one, it’s escalated a tad, but still manageable.

The characters also make it so easy to like them. Their friendship is so fun and next level, even if some of them seem a bit of a stretch. JJ is my personal favourite as the reckless one in the group! Because of this, it also makes the antagonists very easy to hate. But there are some twists in it that might make you question things.

If you’ve watched and are impatient like myself, don’t worry, season four has already been announced. My final rating for this season is 10/10. Seriously! Go watch it!