Dear readers,

Here we are again, diving head first into the topic of mental health. This issue is always cathartic, both for our writers and our readers. For our writers, it’s a chance to speak candidly about our varied experiences and share the stories of others like us, who are fighting their own internal battles every day. For our readers, I hope this issue feels like a reflection of your own lives, a collection of stories that reminds you that you are not alone, and that there are resources here on campus and beyond that can help you through whatever it is you’re feeling at this very moment.

In this issue, you will find features about mental health medication, group therapy, setting boundaries, and more. Reporter Emma Butler speaks with real Fanshawe students about their experiences with anxiety, while reporter Gerard Creces explores mental health in the trades.

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As we journey through these stories, I want to remind you, readers, that you have the power to influence how mental health is treated and funded in your community. On Oct. 24, London will hold its municipal election, with topics like housing, homelessness, and affordability top of mind for each and every candidate. This issue provides information on where and how to vote as a student, along with a detailed list of every candidate running for office. I hope you will use these resources to make a real difference in this city.

Improving mental health is just as much a personal journey as it is a communal one. We all must work together to ensure the safety, wellbeing, and happiness of all members of our community. I hope this issue inspires compassion and empathy in you, readers, as well as a hope that your efforts can truly change the way we think about mental health.


Hannah Theodore

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