Women’s soccer team turns their season around

A photo of Falcons Midfielder Madilyn Michienzi CREDIT: FANSHAWE FALCONS
Midfielder Madilyn Michienzi (left) and the rest of the Falcon women's soccer team is bouncing back after a rocky start to the season.

The Fanshawe Falcons women’s soccer team got off to a rough start, beginning their season on a three-game losing streak.

Those games included all shutout losses to the Mohawk Mountaineers, the Humber Hawks, and the St. Clair Saints.

“It’s always gonna be a tough start,” said the team’s Head Coach Anthony Vassallo.

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“With the scheduling and the way our pre-season works along with how players from all over come out to campus, you don’t really get your full squad until a few days before the first game. You don’t get that proper preparation that you really want until a couple games in.”

Now the team has shifted directions. Since the three-game streak to get the season going, the Falcons have now gone 3-1 over their last four games.

“Players get to know each other, know what I and the coaching staff are looking for, and to just know what the levels are like. It was a tough start for us, but they’re really coming together and showing that those first couple games were just them finding their feet.”

The recent victories for the Falcons include shutouts of their own including two over the Lambton Lions, with one being a 6-0 victory, as well as a 4-1 win over the Sheridan Bruins.

“I think we were really at our best with Sheridan. That first half they played some really good stuff, scoring some really great goals. We were really impressed with that.”

He added that the team is now on a roll, now getting comfortable with each other and newer players coming up from the high school level getting used to the changes into college level play.

“Everyone on the team is still fairly young, there isn’t a big difference in age from last year’s team. You have very few players over the age of 20, so it’s a young team,” said Vassallo.

“As far as the returnees, some of them are still from the group that won the provincials a couple years ago, so bringing in that experience of winning at the OCAA level and being able to pass that on to the new players.”

Vassallo said he’s proud to see where the team has gotten, adding that he’s happy with the changes and adjustments that have been made.

“All the games have been played really well, over the last four games we’ve been able to see those final touches come together a bit better.”

Now heading into the final few games of the regular season, Vassallo said the team is doing well and is hoping to finish the year out strong.

“I think we just continue to build, continue to climb in the standings,” said Vassallo.

“Hopefully, with the performances we’ve been putting in, we’re hoping we keep getting results. Really push for a good spot in the standings to finish the best we can to pair up against a side where we can hopefully push through the playoffs to make it to the OCAA Championship and go from there.”

The team has three games remaining in their regular season, getting ready now to face the Niagara Knights, the St. Clair Saints, as well as the Redeemer Royals.

“The next three games will be tough, but if we work hard and put those performances in, we should get some really good results.”

The regular season wraps up with a home game against the Royals on Oct. 14.