Handling imposter syndrome when job hunting

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Many have faced the constant pressure of striving for success, while imposter syndrome makes it difficult to acknowledge the full scope of our true successes.

When applying for jobs, employers want the best of the best. You have all the qualities they are looking for, but what happens if you have difficulty selling yourself as the best?

When confidence is key, imposter syndrome can be your most dangerous competition in the job market. It’s important to reflect and think about how imposter syndrome can affect your journey to get a job, and how to silence the self-sabotaging voices that turn you away from bringing your best self forward.

In my own battle with imposter syndrome, I have always felt like I have misled someone into thinking I am good at a job, when surprisingly – I am actually good at the job. Still, there remains a warped perception that I cannot possibly be good at anything, and that I am destined for failure. The difference between self-doubt and imposter syndrome is the perpetual feeling that you are lying, or that you have fooled others at work into believing you are worth a spot at their company. A compiled list of achievements that you worked hard towards are perceived to be a fluke, or to have happened by luck.

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Although my own feelings of imposter syndrome have decreased as I continue to work towards my goals, sometimes I still end up feeling as though I don’t know what is going on. Many have faced the constant pressure of striving for success, while imposter syndrome makes it difficult to acknowledge the full scope of our true successes.

It is always OK to ask questions when you are confused and in need of reassurance. When you first enter a new job environment, you are not expected to know every little bit of information before your first day. You are to grow into your position and into the company, and naturally you will progress to gain more skills and knowledge that can silence the imposter syndrome voice telling you that you’re “not being good enough” for your role.

When applying to jobs online, it’s easy to get sucked into the thought that you are not meeting the expectations these companies are searching for. A helpful tip that not only grounds me when job hunting but allows me to reconnect with my resume and my past experience, is to re-read your own resume package. You truly are your best hype man. It takes the fear away when I remember all the incredible things I have achieved and can include on my resume, things that I am excited and proud of, that I know companies will also be excited for and want to learn more about. A reality check into what makes you an excellent candidate can make the job hunting process less dreadful.

Embrace your successes and learn from your very natural and normal mistakes while learning. Although it can feel tempting to throw yourself into the spiraling hole of thoughts consumed by imposter syndrome, resisting that urge is essential. Grow to reflect on your achievements and future goals, and ensure you are growing in an environment that fosters a healthy support for you to go out and apply to the jobs you have a passion for. You will soon see yourself the way you deserve, and feel good about your dedication and perseverance for hard work. Employers will want to have you be a part of their team.