The Christmas kindness challenge

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Whether you buy into all the jingles and bells, the Christmas season is a stuffed stocking full of activity, a sensory explosion from beginning to end. We all have traditions that have formed like habits, aromas that transport us back to our childhood homes, festive songs and sounds; you can almost hear the laughter and Christmas music spilling in from the other room.

Perhaps all your efforts go into avoiding the whole Christmas performance and pageantry. Nevertheless, something is in the air and it’s thick with emotion and expectation. There is this invisible magic that brings feelings and memories flooding in at every turn. The good and the not-sogood, emotions unite us as humans. I don’t mean that in a Hallmark movie kind of way, but I want to focus on the magic.

When we were younger, the magic maybe involved what lay under the tree, a brown paper packet tied up with string with our name on it. But as we got older, there was a shift. Instead of the magic being about what you got at Christmas, it became about what you gave. What we are able to offer others almost consumes us now at Christmas. That’s the magic.

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Over the last couple of years, because of COVID, we have all shared a common experience. COVID-19 has, and still is not just affecting us, but connecting us. ‘Tis become the season, within an era of reevaluating, reminding, reigniting and regenerating ourselves.

So, here is the Christmas kindness challenge. This Christmas it’s go time! Just one small gesture at minimum is required. London, Ont. and Fanshawe College have many opportunities for us to achieve this goal. One small step can have the most profound impact, not just on someone else’s life, but yours at the same time. What you create, change and commit to in life is your offering to it. We are all wealthy with Christmas spirit and here are a few ways to spend it!

Places to give back this season

Donating to the London Food Bank 

Food poverty should never be anyone’s experience in this day and age. This could be your time to shine. Food has historically been a tool to connect individuals. The Food Bank accepts perishable and nonperishable items. You can even get together with friends to create a bundle and they will pick up. Now that’s a Christmas party.

Centre of Hope

Donate food, toiletries, toys, or just volunteer. Everyday things we take for granted are our opportunity to create a real impact.

Toys for Tots London

Toys for Tots. Who doesn’t want to give a tot a toy?

Inspiration from Fanshawe College

In this blog, there are ideas of how to fulfil the Christmas kindness challenge and change the world. There are Random Acts of Kindness ideas, local events, and many more ideas.

The Sharing Shop

What is The Sharing Shop? It is a place that provides students in need with the necessities of life. A place where you can donate a few hours of your time during Christmas. A place for and run by fellow students. You can donate at various sites, including the Fanshawe Student Union (FSU) office SC1000, Library and Media Services and various other locations. You can donate time, clothes, perishables, and even money.

Grow your own 

Be an innovator. Perhaps gathering friends to donate some winter clothes and drop them off at a local park. If you live in residence, there is an opportunity to go door-to-door and collect cans of food that can be left with the FSU. It’s as easy as taking candy from a baby (but don’t do that!)

Some of the most popular toys, games and movies at Christmas involve superheroes. Young or old we all have thought about what kind of superpower would be ours. This Christmas let’s focus on drawing out a superpower that can really move mountains, one we all have access to every day of our lives. I mean, how cool is that? The one gift we can give that won’t cost you anything but is still priceless… is you. Be the good thing that happens to everyone you meet.

Why dream of superhuman powers when you have the greatest superpower on earth — the power of being superhuman(e)!