Current Issue: Monday, April 5th, 2021

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Our favourite TikToks of the week - 09/07/2021

Our favourite TikToks of the week - 09/07/2021

Credit: ISTOCK (5./15 WEST)

Did you miss us? Savour Friday with these hilarious TikToks

Savannah Bisaillon and Hannah Theodore | Interrobang | Culture | July 9th, 2021

We’re back, back, back again with even more hilarious TikToks to get you through your Friday.

Donna and the Dynamos

We have a thing for Mamma Mia! around here.

@amiebutler66 Would have been rude not to… had such a ‘fABBA’ time at Mamma Mia night at @theclaphamgrand #mammamia #stagey

♬ original sound - Amie Butler
Season Three

Hasn’t the entire last year felt a bit like this?

@elliemaegrady I’d like to speak to whoever I’d writing my script thanks x

♬ original sound - Ellie Mae
Shrek’s gingerbread man

I think we’ve been using dating apps wrong...

@andrea.jardine7 do you know....the muffin man?? #tinder #bumble #shrek #voicemessage #fyp #hinge

♬ Fairytale (From 'Shrek') - Geek Music
Cat meets Dr. Phil

This all-too accurate sound really feels like what our cats are thinking when we close a door.

@clowder5 #cats #catmom #catdad #cat #cattok #catsoftiktok #catvideo #catday #fypシ゚viral #viral #fypシ #catsof2021 #catlove #catsfunnyvideos

♬ dr. phil no context - dani 🃏🖤🗡
Tickled fish

In case anyone was wondering how to tickle a fish.

@mafishguy Nothing to see here....just #tickling a #fish and making him #laugh

♬ original sound - Fishing Guy
Spears drama

The shade of it all...

@kelseylikesthings Credit for this idea goes to @poppyb1tch_ #greenscreen #freebritney #britneyspears #fyp #foryou #xyzcba #music #culture

♬ Brityardigans - T. Kyle
In the Heights challenge!

There are no secrets between two people dating.

@anienicjim it’s all jokes @ all my besties 😇 #intheheightschallenge #foryoupage

♬ No Me Diga - Daphne Rubin-Vega & Stephanie Beatriz & Dascha Polanco & Leslie Grace & Melissa Barrera

How to know if your sense of humour is broken: you laugh at this on a Friday afternoon.

@mark_kacy that's my soup 😏😌

♬ as long as i got my soup - Green Line
Which TikToks did we miss? Tweet us at @interrobang_fsu with your favourites and you could see them featured in next week’s list.
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