How to celebrate the New Year, safely

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Let's move on to better times in 2021.

We’re getting close.

The year 2020 is about to end, and I think I can speak for most of us when I say we’re happier go into a New Year like never before. This year was horrible, and full of tragic events that will change how we live forever.

However, New Year’s Eve is just around the corner, and partaking in the usual traditional parties is not a good idea. But, whether you’re with your partner or you’re with family and friends, there are ways you can celebrate the New Year safely.

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Normally, you would spend this time with someone you love. Some ideas for couples to celebrate the New Year are to make a scrapbook full of photos taken throughout the past 12 months. While this year might be a year to forget at times, you can put all the happy moments you and your loved one accomplished together. You can put photos, receipts from special buys, funny memories or even add memes you both like.

If you’re a couple looking to celebrate, you can also make food you never have made before with each other. A good example is that one of my friends and his girlfriend will be making pizza straight from pizza dough.

Last but not least, you and your partner could also go see some stars and stargaze. Nothing feels more humbling than looking up in the sky and thinking in awe about the stars in the night sky.

One of the many things families do to celebrate New Year’s is gathering around to see a fireworks display. While this year you may not have the option, you can always buy your own fireworks and fire them off. Obviously, you should have space around so you don’t catch anything on fire. But because the lack of public events this year, you may want to consider it.

Another way you can celebrate New Year’s is by having a video game tournament. My family has already organized a mini Mario Kart Wii tournament, and whoever is the best in the house gets to pick their food and snacks to eat during the night first.

You can also celebrate by doing some New Year’s crafts, such as colouring a picture of fireworks, maybe making a card to your other relatives as well, wishing them a happy New Year. You can also make bow-tie glasses, a cupcake liner disco ball, and so many neat creations you can find on Pinterest.

If you want a quiet night with the family, you can get a PJ party going, and be all cozied-up and watch Netflix before you dose off. Some of my favourite New Year’s movies are Snowpiercer, New Year’s Eve, Are We There Yet, and Rent.

Even though this year wasn’t the best and while we will still have the COVID-19 pandemic to worry about, there are still many ways you can celebrate New Year’s and have fun.