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Oasis now serving Starbucks products

Oasis now serving Starbucks products


Starbucks drinkers have a new place to get their hot beverages. Grinders at Oasis is now carrying some Starbucks products.

Emily Stewart | Interrobang | News | March 10th, 2020

You can now visit Grinders at Oasis for your Starbucks fix.

Grinders began serving Starbucks products on March 10. 

"We're always looking for good products for a good price to pass on to the student,” Ismael Viegas, the Fanshawe Student Union’s (FSU) hospitality services manager, said. He added that customers were asking for a change. After looking at Nestle, Seattle’s Best, and Starbucks, the FSU picked Starbucks.

Since it’s not a Starbucks franchise in Oasis, the on-campus eatery will serve the products offered through Starbucks’ retail. Grinders will carry coffee, hot chocolate, espresso, mocha, Teavanna tea, and some cappuccino products. Coffee drinkers can choose between the Verona dark roast, Pike blonde roast, and decaf roast brews.

The drink prices will not be the same as what you can find at Starbucks franchises, because they will be Grinders’ prices. Viegas added prices will be raised to 10 cents higher than what Grinders previously charged, because the prices remained the same over the past few years. Dan Paterson, food and beverage manager for the FSU, said it will be $1.89 for a regular sized coffee and $2.09 for a large.

Viegas said since he started working for the FSU in 2011, the coffee provider changed four times. Previously, Grinders served Mother Parkers, Imperial, Fire Roasted, and McDonald’s products over the years.
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