Side hustles that don't feel like hustles

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Being a student is hard. You go to class all day, keep up with your grades through hours of studying, and your breakfast mainly consists of 99 cent noodle cups. As well as your lunch and dinner. It can be hard to make time for part-time work, especially if you have a heavy course load - a round of applause for those who manage it because they must in order to survive. To make things easier, here are five ways to make a bit of money on the side that don’t require too much time or effort.


Uber is a transportation app that allows people to request rides for a price often cheaper than taxis. A vehicle 10 years old or less and a valid Canadian drivers license is required to register for the site. If midnight to dawn is the only time you can work, then you’re in luck. Work schedules are made completely by you. An average uber driver in London makes $16 to $27 per hour depending on how busy your shift is and how available you make yourself. Peak times would be Friday and Saturday nights.

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A great way to learn about hot restaurants across London is by working for a food courier service. SkipTheDishes is one of the most commonly used services in London. You require a vehicle for this service, but no customers will be entering your car so the year and the make doesn’t matter. It is another job where you can make your own hours and choose how long you work. You also get to keep 100 per cent of the tips you receive.

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Rover offers dog sitting services. You can take furry friends out for daily walks and provide overnight care. You can set up your own schedule and you generally don’t need a vehicle unless the client is located outside of London transit routes. You can also make up your own prices for your service, but just be aware Rover takes a percentage of your income in exchange for using the service. It’s a good alternative from doing freelance dog walking as clients from all over London will see your services and Rover provides insurance and helplines for users.

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A haven for professional thrifters and vintage collectors. On Depop you can sell your used clothing to people around the world exchanging money through Paypal. It’s free to use the service. It also allows you to include shipping fees so that you are making a full profit. It’s conscious for the environment and allows people to find unique one-of-a-kind pieces to add to their wardrobe. You set your own prices which is handy in the case that you are selling a rare find worth a lot. The best part is that it’s all done from your phone or computer.

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Plato’s Closet Located at 1071 Wellington Rd. near White Oaks Mall, this consignment store pays you to bring in your used goods. They accept most articles of clothing and accessories, however they have seasonal clothing preferences and may not accept all the clothing you bring in. Having a location to go to instead of dealing with online applications may be easier for some than others. There is no limit on how much clothing you can trade in for cash.

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These jobs won’t sustain you as much as full-time job but are helpful when you need some quick cash.