Not your typical student discounts

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Fanshawe College offers a variety of different student benefits and discounts for products and services on campus, and with various affiliated and partnered businesses throughout the city. However, the college student has even more benefits that they may not be privy to. Below are a few little-known benefits for services that can lead to wonderful experiences, foreign shores, and even peace of mind.

VIA Rail

A series of new student unlimited travel plans has been initiated by the company. These passes begin at $479 for 120 days of travel between April 24 and September 5. The areas of travel are within the province of Ontario, with packages involving travel between Kingston and Windsor, Kingston and Quebec City and Windsor to Quebec City. The price for each package varies, and the pass is for economy class only. But what a way to get away.

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Air Canada

Air Canada offers a Student Pass that provides full-time students, who are Aeroplan members, with six one-way tickets, including connections, to a multitude of locations on the globe. Enrolment into Aeroplan is free. Travel within the borders of Canada, U.S. to Canada, and Europe and Asia. A dropdown list can be found on the Air Canada website that further illustrates which regions are available with this plan. These passes are operable for 12 months after purchase, and are even accepted during peak periods. Packages within the province start at about $206 per credit, and other travel packages vary in price depending on your destination. The price per flight credit is a fixed one, although due diligence is always recommended regarding any hidden fees.

Higher Ed Points

This is a loyalty points program that allows students to pay for their tuition by means of transferring credits to their educational institutions. First you must join the program, then redeem your loyalty points from other loyalty point programs like Aeroplan miles, and TD and CIBC points. Rather than redeem points for merch and airline tickets, you can contribute to the lowering of your tuition by applying these points directly to it.

ISIC Canada Card

The ISIC Canada Card is worth owning if you like spending money on just about anything. It costs $20 and stays valid for the entire year. It offers students discounts on planes, trains, and laptops as well as over 150,000 student discounts worldwide in nearly 130 countries. Discount services range from accommodation and entertainment to sports, shopping and travel. Once the online application is complete, it takes an average three to four weeks before it is processed and mailed out.

Just Wealth

If you’ve already begun to contemplate how you might be able to pay back student loans upon completion of your program, or are just thinking about the big picture after college, then maybe Just Wealth Financial can assist. Students and recent graduates can take advantage of an exclusive offer from Just Wealth which includes $0 management fees for six months, $500 investment minimum (lowered from $5,000) and no minimum investment period. Financial planning is of benefit to everyone, and the earlier you begin the greater the potential for larger returns over time.

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