10-minute routines to boost energy, mood

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These intense routines will help you keep fit when getting when it's too inconvenient to hit the gym.

School is in full swing and so are tests, assignments, studying and work, work, work. The staff at Tim Horton’s know you by name and have your java ready for you, yet it doesn’t seem to be working anymore; you are still tired and stressed and you are not sure if the food in your fridge is edible.

Maybe it’s time for a pick-me-up in the fitness centre. My personal favourite is to go to a group exercise class, complete with an instructor telling me what to do so I don’t have to think, heart pumping music, and knowing that everyone there shares at least one of the same goals as me. It’s super motivating and supportive.

If that’s not your jam, and you want something that is more customized to your goals, consider signing up at the Student Wellness Centre for a free orientation, then a free Individual Program Design and also personal training sessions. We will assess your abilities and make each session effective to reaching your goals.

That being said, we all get caught up in our daily lives and sometimes it’s not convenient to go somewhere and work out when you want to, or the program you want is not available at that time. Whether you need an early morning jolt, a mid day boost or and evening recharge to get you through the day, here are some simple routines you can do at home in 10 minutes (or repeat them for as many rounds as you like):

Cardio, core-based: 30 seconds each move

1. Jog on the spot

2. Alternating lunge backward with upper body rotation and reach to knee or lower

3. Mountain climber

4. In plank, alternating lunge forward to hand

5. Squat to alternating side leg lift

6. Jumping jacks

7. Forward lunge left

8. Scissor run

9. Forward lunge right

10. Plank jacks

11. Plank or push ups

12. Burpees

13. Side lunge right and side kick left

14. Fast feet run

15. Side lunge left and side kick right

16. Skater leap side to side

17. Oblique alternating curls

18. Bicycle abs

19. Curl-ups

20. Elbow plank, add alternating leg extension

Cardio only: 1 minute per move

1. Skater leap side to side

2. Jog/run

3. Jumping Jacks

4. Scissor run

5. Skater tap out side to side

6. Run three to five step forward to reaction squat and jog back

7. Criss-cross hops (frontback, side-side)

8. 180 degree squat hops

9. Side to side shuffle and drop down

10. Jump squats or tuck jumps

Strength and conditioning- based: 30 seconds each move

1. Alternating side to side wide squat

2. Alternating reverse lunge

3. Plank to pike (up two counts, down two counts)

4. Plank alternating lunge

5. Squat to overhead pull and alternating knee lift

6. Alternating wide to narrow squat, right, then left

7. Push-ups

8. Plank walk from hands to elbows

9. Ab curl: side, centre, side, centre

10. Hip bridge with right leg lift and lower

11. Hip bridge with left leg lift and lower

12. Side plank right

13. Side plank left

14. Forward lunge left, double drop

15. Forward lunge right, double drop

16. Triceps dips (floor or chair)

17. Side to side lunge

18. Shoulder push up from pike position

19. Pike with leg raise, back to plank, alternating legs

20. Hollow body crunch

Come and see me in the Student Wellness Centre and I’m happy to show you all of these moves! Email me at karen.carroll@nullfanshawec.ca if you want to set up an appointment and refer to this article in the subject line.

Karen Nixon-Carroll is the Program Manager at the Student Wellness Centre.