Fanshawe aiding students with filing their taxes

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Students are helping others to get their taxes filed and done without the added stress.

April 30 marks the deadline to file your taxes to the Canadian government.

As such, Fanshawe College will be aiding students who want to file their taxes on April 10.

According to a Fanshawe Reputation and Brand Management, March 21 write-up, the two tax clinics are lead by students volunteering through the Fanshawe Accounting Association, who have been appropriately trained to prepare basic tax returns.

The write-up said the student part of the association will help their fellows file their T220A and T4's.Those working in the clinic encourage students to chose them as their tax preparer as it is free to all students to use. Those working in the clinic will be also be able to take the opportunity to apply what they have learned into practical experience.

In the write-up, Christine Cooke, a full-time accounting professor at Fanshawe, has positives to share about the event. “Our Fanshawe College accounting students want to help at the tax clinics and are prepared for the role. Students are more than welcome to use our services, all they need are the required documents and forms. We are open to help.”

Cooke said that all student preparers are supervised by her and two other professors Michael Marinelli and Ken Judge. They will be working with the students to ensure that all tax returns will be done appropriately.

To be viable to file for taxes, students must bring:

  • Government issued ID, passport, driver's license or health card with a photo
  • International students must provide their study permit, social insurance number and previous tax return documents showing that they have already filed taxes in Canada
The must also provide the below list of documents:

  • T4, T4A, T2202A
  • Last year's Notice of Assessment
  • TIS60 (Tax Clinic provide)
  • Rental receipts
  • Moving expense receipts
The Tax Clinic will be free of charge at Fanshawe College's Alumni Lounge. For more information visit Fanshawe's Corporate Communications or Brand and Reputation Management departments.