Why K-pop is becoming a global phenomenon

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K-pop has been around for a while now, but more recently, it has gained the attraction many new fans around the globe.

As many people may know by now, K-pop, also known as Korean Pop, has been around for quite some time.

But recently, it has been making its way to the top around the world for the past two years or so.

Many may question what is so intriguing about it, so here’s my opinion on why.

I think K-pop artists bring a different atmosphere when it comes to performing live onstage with their talented dance moves, rapping and vocals.

Many of these artists train for many years to become professionals and you can tell.

They deserve the success and attention they are getting for working so hard to be where they are.

For example: BTS, EXO, BLACKPINK, GOT7, NCT 127, Monsta X, and many more, all have unique personas and are very charismatic in their work, which has been grabbing the attention of many people especially in North and South America recently.

Another thing I think is so unique about K-pop is the music videos.

The music videos are very stunning with the colours, sceneries, and visuals that are presented. I think music videos from groups are more fun to watch rather than solo artists because there isn’t focus on only one person and watching everyone in the group dance in sync while also showing many visuals is very entertaining.

The hair, makeup, and outfits in K-pop are another thing that I find distinctive because it usually fits with the concept of their song or video and they usually change up their hair colours whenever a new era is approaching, which I find very fascinating because it brings more hype.

You do not need to understand Korean to be able to enjoy the music. It’s just like how many people today are enjoying Latin music like the hit song “Despacito” with most of it’s lyrics in Spanish. K-pop music is very catchy and that is why I enjoy it so much.

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