Leap Junction preparing for third year of summer incubator

Header image for Interrobang article CREDIT: SUZANNE CARROLL
If you are an entrepreneur, you can apply to Leap Junction's summer incubator program to work towards powering up your startup.

Leap Junction will be running the third year of the summer incubator program this year. This year they will be bringing in ten students who will work on their businesses while learning from industry professionals.

The students who are selected will win a Leap Junction grant and spend the summer working on their startup company.

In order to get involved in the incubator, applicants must apply online by Feb. 23 and then go through an interview process the first week of March.

According to Leap Junction’s marketing and outreach co-ordinator, Marley Harris, this will be the last year where non-Fanshawe students can apply.

“The incubator is a great way for students to spend time working on their businesses while getting paid,” Harris said. “It allows them to work together and bounce ideas off each other in order to grow their business.”

Harris said that Leap Junction provides the space, outlet and support in order for participants to grow and launch their businesses.

Harris also said that the incubator is a great way for students to “learn and get advice from professionals who often would charge a fee for their consultation services”.

Last year’s summer incubator involved participants from a variety of industries including photography, sewing and baking.

“We expect a level of dedication, similar to any employment,” Harris said. “We ask that all of our participants are open to collaboration and giving back to the community.”

In addition to those expectations, Harris also said they expect recipients to be at Leap Junction Tuesday to Thursday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., for a nine-week period.

“The incubator benefits Fanshawe because it provides a work integrated experience for the students who want to pursue entrepreneurship,” Harris said. “The city of London benefits by economic development of the creation of small businesses that leads to job creation and increased opportunities for consumers and residents.”

Harris also said that the incubator helps Fanshawe collaborate closely with community partners and make a positive name for Fanshawe in the entrepreneur ecosystem.

“We have been fortunate for individuals who have come out of our incubator who speak highly of the program and school due to their experience,” Harris said. “The incubator fosters collaborating, innovative thinking and entrepreneurial attitudes.”