Cocktail Show makes its way back to London

Header image for Interrobang article CREDIT: PROVIDED BY BUDWEISER GARDENS
London's Cocktail Show is back for another year at Budweiser Gardens.

The London Cocktail Show, presented by Fresh Radio 103.1 is making its second arrival at Budweiser Gardens on March 23.

A wealth of talent from local and familiar vendors and restaurants will be in attendance, showcasing the art of mixology.

Fifteen brands have been confirmed to be at the cocktail show.

Pablo Tovar, a Fanshawe graduate and organizer of many popular events such as the Tequila Expo, Colombian Gastronomy Festival, and Taco Fest, is also co-ordinating the London Cocktail Show.

“This cocktail show is very open to all people, to educate people,” Tovar said. “Think what else can you do with this specific drink – we want to go farther than that.”

The event runs from 3 p.m. to 11 p.m. and will feature multiple seminars throughout the evening with live entertainment, and coat check provided.

Seminars will be hosted by various vendors who will conduct howto- lessons along with educating guests on local spirits and liquors.

“It’s an art, it takes a lot of education to be a mixologist,” Tovar said. “I consider mixology as the same thing [as painting].”

A collection of unique drinks from around the world will form the heart of the event along with local-talented mixologists and craft distilleries.

According to Tovar, those in attendance will be able to get their drinks prepared by world-class mixologists.

Some include, Aguameil Tequila (the only tequila sponsor of the event), a Grey Goose Martini Bar, Bull and Barrel Caesar Bar, Bourbon and Gin Cocktail Bar, Jack Daniel’s Bar, a Tropical Cocktail Bar, The Mojito Boys at Mojito Lounge, and more.

Furthermore, RIO and Che Resto Bar, two local restaurants will promote signature cocktails at their booths.

According to Tovar, all food and beverages can be purchased using credits, which are $2.50 each, while the cost of all the items range from one to four credits.

In addition, sexologist, psychotherapist, and cannabis educator, Carlen Costa will be at the Cocktail Show to demonstrate her passionate profession in two seminars that will be held during the event.

Costa’s work is primarily known in the field of sexology. Current areas of interest are with female sexuality, female intimacy and lifestyle, relational body image, and anxiety and trauma informed treatment, among others.

The seminars will address topics such as “What is Sex and Alcohol?”, as well as audience questions.

Afterwards there will be a chance for Q & A and a giveaway.

Kristin King, a Fanshawe general arts and science student says she believes the London Cocktail Show is an exciting event to learn about.

“I don’t even drink often, but I’ve always wanted to learn how to make those fancy type drinks,” King said. “I’ll see if my friends want to go and learn about something and have a good time.”

Tickets are available in advance at for $15, while four packs can be purchased for $50.

Ticket price will increase to $20 on the day of the event and are by first come, first served as space is limited.

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