Travelling the World Through Food

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Ever want to experience the cultures of the world, but don't have the money to travel? We've got you covered, with some of the best places to taste cuisine from around the globe, without having to leave London.

So Inviting

According to the So Inviting Facebook page this is “a traditional Chinese bakery right in the heart of Old East Village, specializing in dumplings and pot stickers”. It's cute, cozy and according to London Fuse, is “the first of its kind in London”. The staff are very friendly, the environment is well maintained and the food is one of a kind, so it's definitely worth checking out. For more info, go to

Aroma of India

The name of this place says it all, but in case you need more convincing, their website reads, “with an emphasis on cultured and creative Indian cuisine, our menu incorporates both traditional and original delectable cuisines in enormous flavors”. This restaurant consistently expands its menu with new and delicious meals every season, giving its customers a reason to keep coming back. They create a relaxing atmosphere and according to their website, make it their goal to “give you a glimpse of India and its rich cultures”. With vegetarian options and the dedication to acquire for various dietary restrictions, there's something for everyone. More info can be found at


Cameli's is a Romanian owned and operated caf that recently opened in the downtown core. This quaint and cute caf offers delicious coffee and tasty traditional European baked goods, made fresh every day. The staff have even been known to chat with their customers in Romanian, so it's worth a shot if you speak the language and want the true experience. Go to for more information.

Tony's Famous Italian

Sure it's easy to find spaghetti or pizza anywhere you look in London, but very few places have the history and culture that Tony's does. This family business was started in 1961 by owner and operator Tony Ianni who immigrated from Italy to Canada with the dream of starting an affordable, high quality Italian restaurant for the whole family to enjoy. The business has since grown and now has several locations and a banquet centre in London. Details on the locations and other information can be found at

TG's Addis Ababa Restaurant

According to the website for Addis Ababa Restaurant, it “is a unique dining place offering special dishes from Ethiopia”. The restaurant sets a unique atmosphere with Ethiopian dcor and offers a variety authentic Ethiopian items, including vegetarian options. More information on this spot can be found at

Under The Volcano

This is one of London's most popular restaurants for Mexican food and it's no surprise why. According to the Under The Volcano website, “Our Chefs pride themselves in making meals from scratch daily. Our basic recipes are mildly spiced, but “erupting” with flavour!” Not only is the food high quality but the atmosphere and dcor is full of Mexican culture and sets the mood of a constant Fiesta. Check out the menu and other details at

Casa Blanca

According to their Facebook page “Casa Blanca is proud to introduce to you the taste of the wonderful cultures of Latin America”. It offers many traditionally made items from various areas of Central and South America. So, your taste buds can take a journey from Venezuela to Columbia without leaving your table. Further information is available at