Fanshawe's fashion department to open pop-up shop with Goodwill Industries

Students from Fanshawe's fashion marketing and management program are set to open up "The Story", a pop-up shop in collaboration with Goodwill Industries.

Inviting a community to come together, “The Story”, created by Fanshawe’s fashion marketing and management students, evokes positive conversations around mental health.

Partnering with Goodwill Industries, students are opening a pop-up shop at the Goodwill Community and Donation Centre located on Horton Street at Wellington Road.

The event is free for anyone in attendance, and will begin at 7 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 22.

All proceeds collected during shop hours will be donated towards students of Fanshawe College who have been affected by mental health. Providing academic resources to help their success in and out of the classroom.

The showcase of garments that will be featured have been carefully curated. The array of items are a combination of new and gently used clothing and have all been hand selected. The items range in price from $5 to $35.

“The Story” will also be hosting an in-house show, beginning at 8:30 p.m.

Other offerings will include hors d’oeuvres and a cash bar.

“The Story” provides an outlet for creativity and leadership for Fanshawe students. It is the latest in a line of fashion events organized during the second year of the Fashion marketing and management program.

Every aspect of “The Story” has been crafted with an inspired lens from these bright students.

Billi Lawrence, a contributing fashion marketing student had positives to share about the pop-up shop.

“I think it’s a great learning opportunity, we’re taking everything we’re learning and putting it to use – pop-up shops are very much taking over,” Lawrence said.

Given the theme of the event, being mental health awareness. The Fashion students are aiming to create a positive space where anyone can find comfort in sharing their story, or supporting those around them.

Similarly, to each individual, the students express clothing to be as unique as the person wearing the garment.

Much of the older outfits any passerby or attendees can expect to see have been reworked by the fashion students. The purpose of refurbishing these garments is to promote sustainability while adding depth and character to a look.

The fashion marketing and management students said they believe “The Story” is capable of opening the conversation behind mental health stigmas.

Fashion marketing student, Rae Joo, said that she thinks the best way to help those with mental illness is to talk about it.

“If they come out with stories, and all share, they will feel safer,” Joo said.

Lawrence said she also agreed with Joo.

“The main thing is having people more open to talk about it,” Lawrence said.

Haleema Casey, a Fanshawe business student also had thoughts about the event.

“I think it’s very good, most of the time I think people don’t know where to get the help, having such a creative way to speak about delicate topics is what we need more of,” Casey said.

Many of the qualities this event holds and the attitudes the students bring resonate heavily of “The Story’s” mission statement, in the hopes to bring light to all those touched by mental illness through the story told by their collection.

“The Story” was made possible through collaborations with other students and faculty including those in the College’s photography and hair styling programs.