Health and Fitness: Learning about Group Exercise

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When you are lacking motivation in the gym, having a workout buddy is a great way to uplift your willpower and keep you on track. So what if you could have several workout buddies and someone leading and motivating you through the exercise? Also, what if you could get that in under an hour and feel as euphoric as if you had been on a long run?

You can! It's called Group Exercise classes and there is something for everyone.

Group Exercise includes yoga, high-intensity interval training, strength/resistance training, boxing training, step, cycling, dance and more. All group classes at the Student Wellness Centre include a trained and certified instructor (or a student that is completing practical hours to become certified), music, equipment or space set up, warm up, workout, cool down/relaxation. Classes are an action packed 30, 45 or 60 minutes sweat fest or mind-body experience.

The Student Wellness Centre is starting a new program called “feature class of the week”. For a two week period, we feature one or more of our classes by adding an extra instructor to the class for modifications and assistance with getting you acquainted with the moves. It's a great way to get to know what the class is about and to interact with multiple instructors. It's also a great way to win some great prizes including personal training, nutrition coaching, free swag from us and our sponsors like Popeye's supplements, Sky Zone and more. See the list of feature classes below.

You can also earn points for every feature class you attend toward our winter semester Group Ex challenge in order to have more chances at winning even more prizes including $100 gift cards.

It's super easy to enter: register for all classes online on studentwellnesscentre. ca or using our Fanshawe Student Wellness Centre App (iOS and Android) and make sure your instructor checks you in when you arrive. We will be keeping track of all the names that come to our feature classes and tallying your points. That's it: just sign in and show up.

After each class, you will get a notification to rate the class. Please take a few moment to do this and we would love for you to fill out our Group Exercise survey at: and search programs, services and classes.

We hope that you will learn something new and try something you might not otherwise attempt. Even if it's not your thing, maybe you found something that you know a friend will love and we would love for you to tell them about it. You might also find that it takes a few times in a row of coming to a class before you get it and realize that you love it. We hope you will ask yourself why you haven't been doing this all along.

Feature of the Week Schedule:

• Sept 17-Sept. 28-6 Pack & Backpack

• Oct 1-Oct.12-Insanity

• Oct 15-Oct. 26-Vinyasa Yoga & Acro Yoga special event

• Oct 29-Nov. 9-Glutes Guts Guns and Athletic Step and Halloween Spooktacular

• Nov 12-Nov. 23-Power Punch

• Nov 26-Dec. 7-Guided Meditation, Foam Rolling, and Jingle Wiggle / Yuletide Yoga special event

• Jan 21-Feb. 1-Spin and Outdoor Spin Special Event

• Feb 4-Feb. 15-Dance X and Hippity Heart Hop special event

• Feb 25-March 8-Ropes Gone Wild

• Mar 11-March 22-Yoga and Biggest Yoga special event

• Mar 25-April 5-Body Blast