Campus Style: Skin care hygiene

Header image for Interrobang article CREDIT: CHRISTINE WANG
A good skin care routine is a big part of having a great year.

Ottawa - (CUP) Summer is over Gee-Gees, and school snuck up on us faster than a pesky zit. This means balancing coursework, jobs, extra-curriculars and everything else on your to-do list! So how do you take care of yourself— and those dreaded pimples—during a time like this? Well, the Fulcrum has you covered so you and your skin will be glowing all year long.

1. Hygiene can be super tedious. You come home at night and you’re exhausted—do you want to wash off all that sweat, oil, and makeup from today? No, you want to grab the Doritos on your counter and crawl into bed. Here’s some advice: don’t! Here’s some better advice: makeup wipes! Even if you’re exhausted, it takes just a minute to wipe off all of the surface goop until you can properly wash your face.

2. Exfoliate! Exfoliating has extraordinary benefits! Scrubbing regularly can clear up bumpy skin and build-up. It removes dead skin cells to make way for healthy new ones, leaving your skin soft and glowing. Exfoliating also helps to prevent clogged pores, meaning less blackheads and pimples! Bottom line—scrub your face, my friends. This goes for the body too!

3. If your bank account is crying after some heartbreaking textbook purchases, DIY! Just grab some honey and sugar from your pantry for a quick lip scrub. For an athome spa day, use olive oil, eggs, or avocados (or all three!) for an inexpensive yet effective hair mask. Aloe vera is another home remedy to reduce inflammation for those pesky pimples, or a sunburn from that end-of-summer cottage trip.

4. Honestly, the best beauty tip is to find a routine that works for you! Get to know your skin. Don’t just buy a charcoal face scrub because your friend raves about it; you probably have different skin, and therefore different needs. Is your skin craving more moisture? Looking for a deep clean? Do you need products for eczema, rosacea, or specific allergies? Go for what will actually work instead of what’s popular right now. If you’re unclear about what you need, checking in with a dermatologist is the way to go.

5. If you don’t have much time for hygiene, do as much as you can in the shower! Brush your teeth, clean your hair and body, scrub your face, shave, use a face mask. This also makes less of a mess at your sink.

Good luck, and may healthy, beautiful skin be forever in your favour.