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Looking for something fun and interesting to read? Have a look at these new releases that might just catch your fancy and have you stuck in their world for a couple of hours.

Into the Water

by Paula Hawkins

Acclaimed author of The Girl on the Train, Paula Hawkins brings her latest thriller of water and death. A young teen and a single mother both turn up dead in the river of the town. But they are not the first women to meet this fate. A 15 year-old girl is left behind with no parents or friends. The girl is left in the care of her mother’s sister, who has been brought back to a town she wished never to return to. A twisting maze of mystery and suspense, you will be left on the edge of your seat waiting for the next turn of the page. You never know what lies beneath the murky depths of the water.

Astrophysics for People in a Hurry

by Neil deGrasse Tyson

From acclaimed astrophysicist and bestselling author Neil deGrasse Tyson, comes a brief informative guide to the cosmos. Tyson brings astrophysics alive with his witty humour, making the scientific discoveries of the universe jokingly understandable for those who want to know more. From shotgun weddings between gravity and quantum mechanics, to the loner hadrons that would become the ultimate source of matter, you are able to learn a bit of what makes up the universe while appreciating the jokes along the way.


by Min Jin Lee

Min Jin Lee conveys a story of family ties traversing the generations of a single lineage. Sunja, the daughter of a crippled Korean fisherman, moves to Japan to marry a sickly minister. They face discrimination and isolation in this new land, but there are also moments that leave a special impact on t he family’s mind: ones of new and fortuitous prospects. The reader can experience reading a novel while embracing the historical relevance of each generation. Each member of the family is etched out in clarifying detail and you will come to embrace them for their individuality and their personalities.

City of the Lost

by Kelley Armstrong

Casey Duncan, homicide detective, has a secret: she’s killed a man. She’s never been caught, but killing the grandson of a mobster would eventually, she knew, come back to bite her. On the lookout to disappear, Casey and her best friend, Diana, find Rockton, a town for those who want to vanish from society. Fleeing from her abusive ex-husband, Diana will only be accepted if Casey comes, for the town is in dire need of Casey’s skills. There has been a murder in Rockton and Casey needs to find who the murderer is before he threatens the new life she and Diana so desperately crave. Part mystery, part thriller, City of the Lost will pull you in and leave you in surprise, shock and amazement of the events that are about to unfold in the lost city of Rockton.

The Draughtsman

by Robert Lautner

What would you do if you held the fate of millions in your hands? Germany in 1944 is not the place it once was. Draughtsman, Ernst Beck, a newly hired employee of an engineering firm, soon discovers that the job he thought would save him and his wife from destitution holds terrible secrets. He is tasked with creating crematoria that will burn all day and night. These crematoria will be used in concentration camps by his employer’s client: the SS. Faced with the horrible truth, Ernst must decide whether to keep quiet or do something to stop the massacre of thousands. Beautifully written and compelling, this book brings the human psyche to life through Ernst’s perspective. You will be lured in by Ernst’s comedic quips, but stay for the clues to the truth which are hidden within Ernst’s meticulous monologues of Germany at that time. You are pulled into Erns’t dire circumstances and the question he ponders: Are you willing to die for the sake of millions?

Ginny Moon

by Benjamin Ludwig

Have you ever been obsessed over something before? Ginny Moon is and she’s going to get it back. An autistic child, Ginny, lives in a foster home after being taken from her abusive birth mother five years ago. Ginny knows her mother is awful but she will do whatever she can to get back to her to retrieve the precious toy she left behind. If that means she needs to plot, deceive and exploit the good intentions of her loved ones, she will. You won’t see anything quite wrong with Ginny at first, but as you delve further into her thoughts, you will be able to grasp how far she will go for her obsession. If you love drama, humour and something a little bit different, you are going to love Ginny and her grand, obsessive scheme.