Twelve wishes of Christmas for the Fanshawe international students

Header image for the article Twelve wishes of Christmas for the Fanshawe international students Credit: JESSICA THOMPSON
London may be far from home, but take this holiday season to do whatever you can to make it a home away from home.

Going back in time, one can wander and wonder about what we used to want and desire for this merry day. As kids we sometimes were enchanted by the songs, the smells, the vibes, the good feelings of the season, the movies, the presents, the food, the people, etc.

It may not have been always happy, or always merry, but now that we realize we are far away from home, we find ourselves remembering that it wasn’t so bad, and in many cases it was actually a good and pleasant time. The presents, the food, the decorations, all count for nothing compared to the people we remember with whom we shared and spent our happy hours.

But now, we are here, in Fanshawe, in London, in Canada, in North America. Searching for home while being away from what used to be home. We are indeed far from it, far from what we know; we are finding ourselves in this journey through life and decision-making, trying to figure out what it is we want, and how are we going to get it. And it comes real heavy that for this holiday, what we want right now, might be something very human indeed.

We would like to go back and hug that someone that made us feel like nothing would go wrong, that we are cherished and cared for. And that for this day you had a place to go to, a person to see, a certain moment to not feel lonely. Because we fear it, we dread it; we don’t want to be alone not for this particular day, and not in any other.

But on this particular day most of all, we want to feel like we would be feeling at home.

But home is far out of reach, and stretching through time and space with our heart and feelings of want and wishes aren’t enough. So we have to acknowledge that we are here, we are here by our own choice (hopefully), and that we are already building another home, a home away from home. And it can be a pleasant one too.

For those who are struggling, don’t sink in the couch. Don’t sink in the loneliness of your own company, let yourself try to meet, try to engage with others, and feel the shared happiness about the holiday, knowing that it is better to engage, than not trying at least. Wouldn’t you want to surround yourself with love and warmth? Just like back then when you were close to what now only is cherished in your heart. If only you could be there, you wonder… if only.

But hey, before we let ourselves go into the tears of regret, of why we are here, let’s remind ourselves that we aren’t alone. Just like you and me, there are others that feel the same, want the same and seek the same, at least for this holiday. Out there in those halls, walking, talking, passing by, others like you and me, can’t go back home either.

So for you all out there, I wish you that on all thy days of Christmas, if you can’t get anything sent to thee, I wish you all could send each other, drums to drum, pipes to pipe, lords to leap, friends to party, food to eat, toys to give, a place to rest, presents to share, songs to sing, warmth to feel, hugs, kisses and good times, all that you can get so that this holiday is merry, just as those you keep in your heart.

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