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What John Said - Unicorns and rainbows?

What John Said - Unicorns and rainbows?


Fanshawe is a magical place of dreams and wishes.

John Said | Interrobang | Opinion | March 7th, 2016

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Have you heard the phrase “living the dream”? I hear it often as I meander through the college talking to a variety of people from rank and file employees, to faculty all the way around to administrators. It fascinates me.

What motivates one to pointedly remark that the Utopia that is Fanshawe College may not be all that some would have you believe? I wonder in those moments is it work or is it home? I assume in most instances it is work since I haven’t met anyone that complains when the weekend rolls around and they don’t have to work. Nor have I met someone who dreads the end of the workday. So I ponder is Utopia so fractured to these people that being here is just a means to an end?

There is such a cross section of people at Fanshawe that like to think that everyone entering past the iron fencing and gates that ring around the campus are actually giddy to be here. Maybe we can get those cameras that snap pictures of everyone’s license plates as they enter the campus to emit electromagnetic energy that will fire the neurons in people’s brains that will put them in a state of perpetual bliss. Wouldn’t that be fun? Everybody so bloody happy I think my head would explode. Sounds like an episode of Conspiracy Theory hosted by Jesse Ventura.

I think what rankles many people is that a place full of young vibrant life can be so stuffy and rigid. Are people’s neckties too tight? Are the Spanx causing unforeseen issues? There is that group of people that refer to Fanshawe as “The College”, as if it were in all seriousness the Tower of London. And no, I’m not referring to that Tower across town at The University of Western Ontario. Though the tall foreheads can dream.

But back to my original question, why are people “living the dream” and happy to let everyone know? Could it be the cubicle fortresses that dot the office landscapes across the campus? Do they not enjoy the work they do and the people they work with? Do they feel “The College” is like the National Football League, where you can get to the end zone and score but you can’t dance with teammates because that would be an objectionable conduct penalty? Speaking of fun, two orientations ago, we did have to outfit students playing and jumping on bouncy castles with helmets for their own safety. Wonderful theatre that was and it still makes me smile to this day. It should make you smile to: pesky rules and regulations.

Now that the calendar has flipped to March, maybe people’s outlook will brighten. The days are getting longer, the sun should be shining more frequently and spring is on the way. Wouldn’t that be “living the dream”?

I’ll end by wishing my wife an early happy birthday. Hope the sun shines brightly on her day and the air is filled with spring warmth this March 17. That would truly be unicorns and rainbows.
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