Current Issue: Thursday, September 17th, 2020

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Fanshawe's world now divided between virtual and in-person reality
Fanshawe’s world now divided between virtual and in-person reality


StatsCan: One in 10 female postsecondary students experience unwanted sexual behaviour at school
New statistics from Stats Canada show that 11 per cent of students identifying as women and 4 per cent of students identifying as men were sexually assaulted in a postsecondary setting in 2019.  Read more

The Social Dilemma: What is the truth?
After 16 years of a world ran by Facebook, many of us are beginning to break out of the spell and return to reality. Read more

New transit service launches in surrounding London areas
A new transit service starting Sept. 21 will help connect those who live outside of London to the city. Read more

Off-campus housing: Tips for finding your home away from home
Student housing on campus can be quite expensive. A cheaper option is to look for housing located off of campus. Finding the perfect place can be a tedious process, so here are some tips and tricks that can help you make a decision you won't regret. Read more

Affordable and delicious food in London
London is one of the best cities around when it comes to great food, yet fast food can detract from local businesses. This list will feature affordable, healthy options, as well as some unhealthy ones (but hey, who doesn't have a cheat day?). Read more

A mini guide to financial aid
School is hard enough, but the true challenge of attending college or university lies in the thought of how you’re going to pay for it all. Read more

The DOs and DO NOTs of our new reality
Just when you think you've adjusted to the new reality of a global pandemic, you have to adjust all over again to going to college. It's challenging to create an entirely new set of habits in a short amount of time, and disorienting when you have to worry about school on top of everything else. Read more

Places of worship in London
Presented is a guide to places of worship that are local to Fanshawe's Oxford Street campus and Western's Main Campus, as well those that have limited alternatives in London. Please note this list is by no means exhaustive to all of London's places of worship. Read more

Pros and cons of written versus digital notes
A new school year is beginning, and new beginnings call for new ways to study, or perhaps a simple refresher of what methods are available for you. Read more

How to make online learning work for you
Online learning this year presents different challenges than in-person classes did in the past. Read more

Fanshawe Athletics names first esports head coach
Fanshawe Athletics has announced Tyler Hetherington as the College's first esports head coach. Read more

Black Lives Matter today, but for how long?
Whether it's masks, t-shirts, posters, graffiti, I see London Ontario is finally listening more intently to those who have been trying to speak. Read more

What the heck is left to do in the new normal
Businesses are opening up, and life is coming back into London as the community heads back to school and the workplace. Read more

Opinion: Textbook publishers need to lower prices now more than ever
Large publishing companies have been exploiting students for years - and now, with coronavirus killing the student budget, is the time for them to stop. Read more

Hip-hop values: Avoid laziness like the plague
As this school year begins, take stock of all the opportunities that are presented to you. Do as well with them as you are able. Learn all you can, and acquire as many skills as possible while you have this fantastic opportunity. Read more

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