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Delaney Jane interview at Fanshawe
Before taking the stage at the FSU's Frosh Party during Frosh, Delaney Jane spoke to Interrobang reporter Amy Scott about performing at Paint Party, hometown shows and her new video for Hello my Loneliness. Read more

2019 London Music Census looking for feedback from all sectors of local music industry
The 2019 London Music Census will collect information from music fans, music event organizers, musicians, venue owners, and those involved in the music workforce including, but not limited to, publicists, producers, and teachers. Read more

FSU presidential candidates address plans for stronger communication, student engagement
Forwell Hall filled with students eager to listen to the Fanshawe Student Union (FSU) presidential Q and A on Oct. 3. Following speeches from both presidential candidates and potential directors for the Student Administrative Council (SAC), the floor was open for questions for Julia Brown, Ben Clements, Amanda Meunier, and Keren Nanneti. Read more

FSU By-election candidates
Learn about the candidates running in the FSU by-election. Voting takes place October 7 through October 10 through FOL. Read more

2019 Honda Passport: A two-row pilot
The new Honda Passport has enough going for it, but the overall driving experience leaves something to be desired. Read more

Falcons sweep competition at the diamond
The Falcons' men's baseball and women's softball teams respectively knocked it out of the park on the weekend of Sept. 28 and 29. Read more

Fanshawe Pioneer Village's Halloween Haunt promises to frighten
Fanshawe Pioneer Village hopes that Danger from the Dead will be their scariest event yet. Read more

Five employability skills you need to be successful
Looking towards the job market of the future, soft skills and appropriate attitudes are likely to remain in demand. Read more

Meet indie rock band, Allodays
Indie music is often a great catalyst for musical inspiration and Allodays is an example of that tradition. Read more

Delta Stone and the Wardogs opening for April Wine
A local band with connections to Fanshawe College will be opening for an iconic Canadian Rock band. Read more

Ask a Prof: Answering your student-life questions
Ask a Prof is a new monthly column for Interrobang readers who have questions and would prefer to ask them in a safe space with zero consequences. Read more

Opinion: A banner year for sexism
One in four women will experience some form of sexual assault in their life-time and it is estimated that between 15 and 25 per cent of North American women will experience some form of sexual assault during their academic career. Read more

Just John x Dom Dias interview
Before they performed at the 2019 FSU Frosh Concert, Just John x Dom Dias spoke to Interrobang reporter Amy Scott about a wide range of topics, including being chosen as the official anthem for the Raptors during the NBA playoffs. Read more

Don't get burned during Fire Prevention Week
As part of this year's Fire Prevention Week (Oct. 6 to 12), the School of Public Safety will be running an information campaign through the London Campus (Oxford Street). Read more

Student resources available on World Mental Health Day
World Mental Health Day raises awareness of mental health issues across the global community. Read more

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