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Interrobang issue for Friday, October 25th, 2019

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"Dreams come true": Meet FSU president Keren Nanneti
Keren Nanneti is ready to dive in to her new role as the Fanshawe Student Union's (FSU) 2019/2020 president. Read more

Bringing bees to Fanshawe a community effort
They say it takes an entire village to raise a child. But what about an entire college to raise a beehive? Read more

Get your game on for the Children's Health Foundation
Gamers of all kinds will play games of their choice for 24 hours during the third annual London LAN for Extra Life: Powered by The Factory on Nov. 2. The fundraiser supports the Children's Health Foundation. Read more

New Fanshawe bursary to help future PSWs
Fanshawe College now offers a bursary to help incoming personal support worker (PSW) certificate students who want to work in the home and community care sectors. Read more

Recycle your bicycle
If you need a new bike to commute to school, considering recycling your bicycle with the City of London's Community EnviroDepots. Read more

Project LEARN 2019 sees less warnings, tickets, and charges
Project LEARN 2019 resulted in 30 provincial offence notices, 17 of the tickets regarding the nuisance by-law, 97 warnings, three arrests, and one federal charge. Read more

Fanshawe professor reflects on 2019 federal election
The 2019 federal election saw the Liberal Party of Canada form a minority government on Oct. 21. Read more

Believe it or not: Annual Psychic Fair comes to campus
Want to know how your semester will turn out, or if your recent decisions will bear the kind of fruit you were hoping for? Read more

The importance of sustainability at Fanshawe
Did you know that according to a 2017 report from The Guardian, an average one million plastic bottles are bought around the world every minute? Read more

Turnip the beet for VegFest London
The 6th Annual VegFest London kicks off on Nov. 9 at the Western Fair District Agriplex. Read more



From the Editor
Greetings, readers from the Fanshawe community and beyond. Welcome to a brand new issue of Interrobang. Read more

Why is Greta Thunberg terrifying to old men?
Greta Thunberg is young, female, educated, angry, and possibly the most dangerous threat to accomplished white men. Read more

Sustainable fashion, but at what cost?
With fast fashion on its way out, sustainable shopping is becoming more popular and therefore more expensive for the average consumer. Read more

The top ten rules for life
If you have spent time in a Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox, Evangelical or Charismatic church you have probably studied, read or heard the Ten Commandments. Read more

Desi gay men face stereotypes far too often
Everyone has a right to claim their true identity and be proud about it. In 2018, India gave this right to the gay community by decriminalizing homosexuality. Read more


Saveria releases new single "Pity"
After finishing touring across Canada, Fanshawe College music industry arts (MIA) alumna Saveria returns with a new single. Read more

Joker: A devastating masterpiece
The much-anticipated film dedicated to the iconic DC Comics villain, Joker, finally hit theatres this October. Read more

Nine ways to make your life more eco-friendly
Here are few simple ways you could make your life eco-friendlier and make your contribution to the climate change movement around the world. Read more

Country singer Jessica Mitchell returns to hometown
A country singer-songwriter who grew up in London, Ont. is looking forward to returning to her hometown to close off her tour. Read more

Netflix Fix of the Week: Living with Yourself
What's better than one Paul Rudd? TWO Paul Rudds. As far as crowd-pleasing pitches go, two Paul Rudds for the price of one is a pretty good sell. Read more

Sustainability Bulletin: Exploring sustainability's ties to your career
Be the master of your own destiny with a career in sustainability. The options are endless. Read more


Zodiac Stargazer Horoscope
Reconnect with people you haven't seen for a while this weekend. It will remind you of the activities that brought you joy. Read more

Fanshawe's fashion program teaches sustainability to a new generation
The earth is warming up, and the clothes you're wearing are part of the reason. Read more

Harm reduction: Safety tips for powerful exercises
Explosive and powerful movements are great for everyone if executed properly and if they have meaning in the needs and goals of the person. Read more

Reversing climate change is at your fingertips
Rumor has it that by 2030 if humans don't adapt sustainable habits, the earth will enter a state of irreversible climate change effects. Read more

3 DIY projects to reduce plastic waste
Canada is set to ban all single-use plastics by 2021. Many items like plastic bags, straws and packaging pile up in our landfills, streets and even bodies of water. Read more

Waste not want not: a guide to where garbage goes
Some of the largest producers of waste in the world stem from developed countries, like Canada, who have access to vast deposits of natural resources like uranium, oil and timber. Read more

A guide to resuable water bottles
Sick and tired of buying plastic water bottles? This guide on reusable water bottles will help get you started on a more environmentally responsible path. Read more

Thrifty and sustainable: How to avoid the fast fashion industry
The fast fashion industry is one of the greatest contributors to climate change globally. Read more

Three dark tales of the Forest City
London, Ont. has a surprisingly darker history than you may initially think. Read more


Fanshawe Falcons continue success, prepare for future
The 2019/2020 season for several Fanshawe Falcons teams has been jam-packed with plenty of victories and even a few honours. Read more

Recapping the NFL season so far
What an amazing start to the NFL season. Is the best quarterback in the game out due to the Madden Curse? Read more

Automotive Affairs - Red Sport: The perfect coupe
The 2019 Infiniti Q60 3.0t I-Line Red Sport is spiffy-looking sports coupe, but with a slower response than desired. Read more

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