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Interrobang issue for Monday, March 6th, 2017

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FSU presidential election commences
Current VP Internal Affairs Kevin Kaisar, VP Entertainment Morganna Sampson and newcomer Josh Mullan tried their best to not only give the most impressive campaign speech, but also answer student questions from both the audience, and online. Read this article

Big acts to play Fanshawe's 50th anniversary celebration concert
According to a Feb. 23 Fanshawe Corporate Communications press release, the concert titled Fanshawe at 50: Live in Concert will see a trio of Canadian bands headline the event and is presented by Johnson Insurance. Read this article

Extra reading week a possibility for Fanshawe in the future
In light of Western University adding an extra reading week in the fall for their students, there may be good news ahead for Fanshawe students as well. Read this article

Seven Earth-sized planets discovered
With the help of NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope, seven Earth-sized planets have been discovered surrounding a single star. The exoplanet system has been given the name TRAPPIST-1. Read this article

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London-based technology company leading the way in web development in Canada
Digital Echidna, a London technology company, has been named one of the leading companies to specialize in web development in Canada. Scores were determined by three categories: client reviews, client experience and market presence. Read this article

Meet your 2017 FSU Election candidiates
Log in to FanshaweOnline between 9 am on Monday, March 6th, 2017 and 2 pm on Thursday, March 9th to cast your 2017 Fanshawe Student Union election ballot. Read this article


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Reyno Rants: You're playing an encore? How incredibly unexpected
You know what really pisses me off? Encores or at least the idea of an encore. If you've been to a concert in the last 50 years you've probably stood in a crowd of sweaty fans hooting and hollering after the headliner has left the stage. Read this article

What Does Kerra Seay: I can't quit you, Trump
I'll admit it, I'm guilty. I'm guilty of writing column after column after column about President Donald Trump and whatever scandal he managed to get himself into in the past week. Read this article

Rumours of Grace: The Tale of the Good Asylum Seeker
The CBC has posted a story about Winnipeg restaurant owner, Mohammed Naser. There are of course many restaurant owners in Winnipeg. But what sets Naser apart from many others is that he is a refugee from Syria. Read this article


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Financial awareness week back on campus
Ever needed some financial advice or some extra cash? Fanshawe is hosting a Mo Money Financial Awareness Week from March 6 to 9. Read this article

How to save money when you're in a pinch
Debt is just one of many different aspects of a student's life that can be stressful, but it's not uncommon. It can be hard to balance school, work, family and a social life and balancing your finances is another tricky part to get under control. Read this article

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Zodiac Stargazer Horoscope
Master the art of give-and-take. Being part of a bigger agenda geared toward helping others fighting for causes you believe in will expand your interests, friendships and your reputation. Read this article

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You are what you eat
March is nutrition month and I hope to share some information with you over the next few weeks that will help you make the best choice possible towards your health and wellbeing, achieving your fitness goals and looking and feeling food. Read this article

Beauty Boy: Makeup myths
With the hundreds of beauty bloggers, Instagram makeup artists and YouTube gurus, there is a lot of information about makeup that circulates around the Internet. Read this article

Wreckord Reviews: The best and worst this week in music
The Chainsmokers have quickly made a name for themselves as the Nickleback of EDM and seem to be continuing on this path. Read this article

Get Out is the movie we need and deserve right now
The thriller film Get Out was written, co-produced and directed by Jordan Peele, previously best known for his comedic work on Mad TV and Key & Peele. Read this article

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Crime prevention tip of the week
There are stories of break-ins to homes and thefts from vehicles circulating around school. Here are some helpful crime preventing tips. Read this article

Fanshawe fashion design grad finds success and support with online boutique
Nicole Snobelen knew from a young age that she wanted to be a fashion designer. It all began from a clothes matching and colouring game that her aunt had given to her. Read this article

A brownie and cookie lover's dream: Double chocolate brownie with buttercream icing and Oreo crumble
Gooey chocolate chips on the inside with a crisp top makes this the perfect brownie that's rich in chocolate flavour and the perfect vessel for buttercream icing and crumbled Oreo topping. Read this article


Knights' Night: Road becoming home sweet home for Knights
After playing most of the first half of the schedule at Budweiser Gardens, the London Knights have spent a lot of time on the road in the last few weeks. Read this article

Motoring: A new diesel powered vehicle: 2017 Jaguar XE 20d and XF 20d
If you've been living in Europe for the past two decades, finding the word diesel next to the word Jaguar is quite common, but that has surely not been the case in North America. Read this article

Men's volleyball takes home bronze at OCAAs
This season has been a spectacular one for Fanshawe's men's volleyball team with them finishing the season first in the Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association (CCAA). Read this article

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