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Interrobang issue for Monday, October 3rd, 2016

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Hand deodorant to rid of that post-hockey stank
First year Fanshawe student Matthew Laberge, in collaboration with Western University Dan Black, has invented a product that rids the stink that seems to seep deep into your hands after removing your hockey gloves. Read this article

New changes and chili help launch Fanshawe's United Way campaign
The annual kick off to Fanshawe's United Way campaign is off to a different start this year, but will still include the much loved chili cook-off. Read this article

A haunting we will go
The Fanshawe Pioneer Village has new plans for Halloween; instead of the Haunted Hayride, there will be the Midnight Village. Read this article

REDTALKS come to Fanshawe for the first time
In anticipation for its 50th anniversary, Fanshawe will host its first ever REDTALKS on Oct.19 featuring furturist Brian David Johnson. Read this article

London food trailer first in Canada to be completely organic
Ivan Santana-Barnes' dream of owning a food trailer has at last come true with the opening of ivanopoblano. The trailer sits at the corner of Oxford and Stuart and offers 100 per cent organic cuisine; this is the first of its kind in Canada. Read this article

Mixed reactions over increase in minimum wage
Starting Oct. 1, Ontario's minimum wage rate increased from $11.25 to $11.40 per hour, according to the Ontario Ministry of Labour Read this article

Fanshawe group focuses on showcasing mental health resources
The Ontario Human Rights Commission made a new directive earlier in the year that would change the way students with mental health conditions are to be accommodated on campus. Read this article

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Crime prevention tip of the week
There is an old saying that goes, a 10 pound bicycle needs a 40 pound lock, a 20 pound bicycle needs a 30 pound lock, a 30 pound bicycle needs a 20 pound lock and a 40 pound bicycle needs no lock. Read this article


What Does Kerra Seay: The presidential debate and why it doesn't matter
Since the only interesting thing that happened in Canadian politics in the last week was when the adorable Prince George left stud-muffin Prime Minister Trudeau's high five hanging, I feel like I am forced to talk about the debate. Read this article

Reyno Rants: What the hall?
I noticed something this year. I noticed that there are an awful lot of people who don't fully grasp how a hallway works. Read this article

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Rumours of Grace: Trump, gender inequality, churches and a glimpse of God
Commentators on the Clinton vs. Trump Sept. 26 debate are making the point that gender inequality was reflected in comments Trump made. He said that he did not believe that Clinton has the stamina to be the president of their country. Read this article


An epic yet overdone modern western
The 2016 remake of The Magnificent Seven is a visually and sonically stunning film that sacrifices believability to give the audience what they want. Read this article

iPhone 7: I've already lost my headphones
Now that the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are out, we ask the biggest question: is the upgrade worth it? Read this article

Crockpots: The easiest way to eat a delicious meal
Healthy crockpot meals are generally easy to make and the smell is amazing when you come home hungry later in the day. Read this article

Healthy crockpot chili
Chili is a delicious, healthy, hearty and filling meal, which makes for a perfect fall dinner. Read this article

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Zodiac Stargazer Horoscope
Be satisfied with the path of least resistance. The world operates by alien principles these days, and you'd lose most battles that you could start. Read this article

Wreckord Reviews: Green Day set to release their fifth American Idiot remake
What's green, 30-years-old and doesn't know when to stop making music? The answer is Green Day, and in response to your follow-up question, yes, these guys are somehow still making albums. Read this article

A book on how we stray, why we stray and what it means
A great and a rare example of truly intriguing popular-science book, Sex at Dawn (2010) may be considered one of the most comprehensive studies on human sexuality of recent times. Read this article

Beauty Boy: Fall off your face fall trends
Fall is officially in the air, which means now is a good time to start thinking about and switching out your lipsticks to reflect the cooler months ahead. Read this article

Finding the best lip shades for the season
Fall is officially in the air, which means now is a good time to start thinking about and switching out your lipsticks to reflect the cooler months ahead. Read this article

Exploring the local tea scene
Leaves are beginning to turn red, cozy sweaters and boots are now a staple wardrobe item and pumpkin pies are beginning to surface on bakery shelves. Fall has come around at last; this is the season that tea-lovers live for. Read this article


Jade Kovacevic: No record she can't break
Impressive, great, fast. These are just a few of the words that fans used to describe Fanshawe Falcons striker Jade Kovacevic. Read this article

Knights' stars hoping to crack NHL rosters
After winning their second Memorial Cup Championship and fourth OHL title in team history last season, the London Knights could be poised for another championship run. Or, they could be an entirely new team. Read this article

Forest City Derby Girls grease their wheels for the start of a new season
The Forest City Derby Girls are fully charged to open a new season on their home track at the Western Fair Canada Building Oct. 1. Read this article

Motoring: 2016 Fiat 500 Abarth: The cute, fun pocket-rocket
The current generation model of the Fiat 500 first showed up on the streets of Europe in 2007; although, it took a few years for it to make an appearance on North American roads. Read this article

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