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The perfect app for holiday shopping
A new Android application developed in part by Fanshawe graduates is designed to make your holiday gift shopping as painless as possible. The name of the app is simple: Gifts. Period included. Chris Lawn, a marketing a business development ... Read more


Changes made to academic appeal policy
A new policy formed through a collaboration of Fanshawe departments has made the appeal process a simpler task for students. The new policy, Student Appeals A128, streamlines the appeal policy and establishes one standard appeal procedural... Read more

Two Fanshawe students win national scholarships
Fanshawe College students Susan Eldridge and Brittany Poirier were awarded industry scholarships from the Ontario Motor Coach Association (OMCA) recognizing students enrolled in a travel and tourism program. OMCA is an organization that &... Read more


Canada to bring in 10,000 refugees by the end of 2015
“Resettling refugees is a proud and important part of Canada's humanitarian tradition,” according to the Government of Canada's Immigration website. And it is true. Historically, we have been known to bring in many refu... Read more

Easy-to-use alcohol delivery application coming soon
A new free application described as a “home delivery communication service” will bring alcohol right to your door, for a small fee of course. Pineapul partnered with alcohol vendor LCBO to make online ordering and home delivery ... Read more


Rumours of Grace: Christmas alternatives and the refugee God
It’s not very hard to find advice for students on how to survive Christmas: don’t dip into your tuition money, be creative by making a gift or by promising to take a family member on a day outing. If you feel the need to buy gifts fo... Read more

The character of a country
A reputation is a powerful thing. Being known as the friend with a truck is a surefire way to get roped into helping people you met once pick up their new couch. Being the person who gets drunk and cries at parties is a great way to avoid being ... Read more


A walk through the greatest era in Red Wings' history
Bob Duff’s 50 Greatest Red Wings gives you a glimpse at the stars of the ice from the beginning of the Detroit Red Wings’ history. “[People] are pleased to see guys included from the ’20s, ’30s and ’40s b... Read more

Gifts that give back
A great Christmas idea is to ask for and give gifts that give back to the world. Luckily, there are a lot of different options available for this category, many of which can be bought in London. TOMS shoes are a perfect example of a gift t... Read more


Scientific Adventures: Hybrid water bears
Science news this week was full of more out-of-this-world discoveries, including a new object in our solar system and new information about a tiny immortal creature. Immortal creature Tardigrades are a lovable microscopic species tha... Read more


The Workaholic Gift Guide
Maybe it’s a friend that you never see anymore. Perhaps it’s a co-worker or classmate who seems to never leave. It could be your roommate who is stuck inside their bedroom studying. No matter who it is, we all know someone who is a ... Read more


The Vintage Lover's gift guide
We all know that special person whose unique style and taste means you’ll have to look beyond the shopping mall to find Them the perfect Christmas gift. Lucky for you, Downtown London has some great vintage stores that carry all the clothes,... Read more

Re-sponsible Re-gifting
‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house, not a dollar was spent on your father’s new spouse. But how do you show your loved ones you care, when you’ve not even a cent to spare. &ldq... Read more

Green gifts for the tree hugger in your life
Looking for ideas for the vegan or environmentally conscious person in your life? London has lots of options for locally made, all-natural products that make great holiday gift ideas. 1. Purdy Natural Located at 111 Mount Pleasant ... Read more

Not for the jolly or faint of heart
Not everyone wants to throw on ugly Christmas sweaters and watch the same old movies year after year. I can’t speak for everyone, but the last thing I want after being bombarded by holiday spirit all day, is to go home and numb myself with th... Read more


Geek gift guide
When shopping this winter for your geeky sibling, significant other or co-worker you got paired with in secret Santas, you’re going to want a decent gift that they’ll enjoy and London has the perfect place for you to start shopping. ... Read more

Decking your halls
Around the holiday season, families decorate their house to celebrate the festivities of the event. However, being away from home for school does not mean the traditions cannot be carried on. There are many ways to bring your dorm, student hou... Read more

Yule: Discovering the origins
Everyone knows the traditional 12 days of Christmas, the Yule log, the Christmas tree, but does anyone know where these traditions came from, as they don’t actually originate from Christianity. Instead, these traditions come from the Germa... Read more

Deck the halls with lots of sadness: Different interpretations of classic carols
White Christmas Written by Irving Berlin and made famous by Bing Crosby, White Christmas is a nostalgic ballad about the days when Canada was still cold enough for snow. The singer dreams of days before fires swept the west and the swirling... Read more

Weird Christmas traditions around the world
We've all grown up with holiday traditions, and for those of us who grew up in Canada, those traditions revolved around Santa Clause and his elves, the giving of presents and for the varied religious celebrations that coincide with the season.... Read more

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Lilli's Christmas goulash
When it comes to Christmas meals, there are always a few common dishes at the table, like turkey or ham. This holiday season, switch things up and try a German (or Hungarian) goulash. The word, “goulash”, may not make the dish soun... Read more

How long would your story be?
Written by Kevin J. Anderson and Neil Peart, Clockwork Lives tells the story of Marinda Peake, a young woman who was living a perfectly content life. Was, that is, until her father died. As his last wish he sent her on a wild quest to collect ... Read more


Zodiac Stargazer Horoscope
Aries (March 21 - April 19) Fun times are upon you as the holiday season approaches. Share your toys if you want to keep everyone happy. Physical fitness feels as natural as breathing clean air or drinking pure water. Taurus (April ... Read more

G33K LYFE: The galaxy's greatest ladies
Star Wars is full of heroes. From Luke and Anakin Skywalker to Han Solo and Lando Calrissian, multitudes of great men have risen high and commanded great influence throughout the galaxy. But what about the women of the galaxy? Traditionally, a... Read more

Bobbyisms: Ian Fletcher Thornley to share Secrets with London
I write about random things a lot. I write a lot about random things. Let me set the scene: it’s early in 2004, still some time ahead of You- Tube and social media. Roughly a year after U.S. President George W. Bush declared their mission... Read more

Quick study tips: A rough guide to get you through
NEW WESTMINISTER (CUP) – Exams are just around the corner, so students everywhere are holing themselves up and poring over textbooks. Here are a few quick tips to get you through your study period. The biggest thing about studying is... Read more

Gritty Marvel series shows its humanity: Jessica Jones series review
Jessica Jones is not about superheroes. Although the protagonist, antagonist and an important secondary character have superpowers, those superpowers only play a secondary role here. What differentiates Netflix’s Jessica Jones from th... Read more

Smooth sailing for Glass Face
The digital era has not only changed the way we listen to music, it’s changed the relationship between musicians and their fans. Up and coming artists, including those in the well-known and growing Music Industry Arts (MIA) program at Fa... Read more

London's Aaron Wallis gives us a look at the DIY punk scene
Aaron Wallis hails from the town of St. Thomas, 20 minutes south of London. The musician, having moved from the small town after high school, is now an active member of London’s DIY punk scene. Playing bass in the three-piece noise r... Read more

Beauty Boy: Glamorous holiday looks
The holiday season is a time filled with many festivities, family gatherings and parties. It is the perfect time of year to amp up your makeup looks, be a little more creative and add a lot more glamour to your makeup routine. Whether it is gl... Read more

10 winter fashion staples every woman needs
Winter is one of the most challenging seasons for fashion. When being warm is your most important priority, fashion tends to go by the wayside. This is a list of 10 fashion staples that will make this winter’s fashion a little easier. ... Read more

When the man becomes the monster...
Frankenstein. It’s a name we’re all familiar with, whether we’ve read the original novel by Mary Shelley, saw one of the old movies telling the tale or simply watched old episodes of The Munsters. The story of the mad scientis... Read more


Falcons Corner
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Motoring: An SUV that drives like a racecar
Land Rover’s Range Rover was the world’s first luxury SUV. It combined elegant styling with comfort, and was capable of going where other luxury vehicles couldn’t even dream of going. The latest offering from Range Rover ... Read more

Premier League Ponderings: The cost of relegation
Relegation is a bit of a weird concept for sports fans to get their heads around, especially when their knowledge is primarily based in the North American sports league structure. In this structure, there is only a single level of professional ... Read more

Gift ideas for the fitness enthusiast or newcomer
With Christmas a few weeks away, knowing what to get the gym goer on your gift-giving list can take some deep thought. It all depends on what sport they practice, the season or their fitness goals. In general, there are some inexpensive st... Read more

The Forest City Derby Guys want you to join their pack
It's 9 p.m. on a Monday night, and at the Western Fair Canada Building, the Forest City Derby Girls are pulling off their skates after another session of hard practice. The ladies may be heading home to put up their weary feet, but the lig... Read more


Knight Night: Knights on a roll
On Nov. 27, the London Knights defeated the Owen Sound Attack 6-1, with Christian Dvorak scoring his second hat trick of the season, with one goal on a power play. Other goals were from Matthew Tkachuk, also on a power play, Aaron Berisha, and... Read more


Gift guide: The ultimate sports fan
When it comes to the sports fan in your life, what can you buy them? Here I have outlined several different gifts that are sure to please the sports fanatic in your life. Hockey accessory (foam finger) Pete’s Sports, 649 Oxford S... Read more

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