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Parolin's key turn wins car giveaway
Jennifer Parolin, a mature student enrolled in the Practical Nursing program at Fanshawe’s Woodstock campus, is the proud new owner of a 2011 Chevrolet Cruze given away by the Fanshawe Student Union (FSU) and rebuilt by Fanshawe’s School ... Read this article

Liberal majority sparks Trudeaumania 2.0
“Sunny ways my friends, sunny ways,” said the Prime Minister-delegate Justin Trudeau in his victory speech on Monday night. The Liberal Party of Canada was able to secure a majority government with a staggering 184 seats, which... Read this article

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Fanshawe expansion sparks possible changes to downtown
In September of 2014, the City of London granted $9 million to Fanshawe College to expand its downtown campus, and the ripple effects of this are beginning to appear. The decision was controversial, but eventually an 8-7 vote in favour of ... Read this article

Landscape Design students turn obstacles into opportunities
Fanshawe’s second year Landscape and Design students work in co-operation with the City of London to re-design part of Gnorbert’s Garden at Storybook Gardens, creating a sustainable Rain Garden. The students originally designed ... Read this article

Avoiding consumer mistakes on Halloween
Shopping for a Halloween costume can be an enjoyable experience, but some retailers can spoil the fun. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) released a tip sheet titled BBB’s Halloween Tips: Pop-up Store Frights and Web Entanglements to ... Read this article

Fanshawe grad named Top 30 Under 30
Fil Lourenco, a graduate from Fanshawe's Business Administration and Marketing program was named one of 2015's Top 30 Under 30 by Marketing Magazine. “I was very surprised, very happy and elated. It was a very surreal experien... Read this article

WordsFest London is the place for poetry, prose and all sorts of creative minds
After many attempts over the years to run a literary festival in London, the second annual Words- Fest is shaping up to be a great event for London’s creative crowd. Though London has cultivated some of our country’s most inspiratio... Read this article


Rumours of Grace: Politics, western Christianity and Justin Trudeau's new job
There are many questions that we could ask of political leaders. With a federal election in our rear view mirrors, many questions are being asked of them. They are being asked to increase childcare benefits, to rethink foreign policy or for a ne... Read this article

The two taboos
There are many questions that we could ask of political leaders. With a federal election in our rear view mirrors, many questions are being asked of them. They are being asked to increase childcare benefits, to rethink foreign policy or for a ne... Read this article


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Zodiac Stargazer Horoscope
Aries (March 21 - April 19) For some, shopping is a sport, while for others it’s just a necessary exercise. Control yourself even as prices seem to be coming down. The obvious doesn’t always bear repeating. Taurus (April... Read this article

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Bobbyisms: Your band really needs a website, and here's why
I write about random things a lot. I write a lot about random things. The term ‘Web 2.0’ is one that doesn’t surface much in the music industry, but the new social web that took the world by storm in 2004 to 2005 arguably play... Read this article

Science adventures: aliens and elephants
While many discoveries continue to be made in science, new outer space research and information on the DNA of elephants took top spot this week. Aliens In 2009, the Kepler space probe was launched, meant to look for exoplanets, or p... Read this article

Peaking before its time
Some people haunt you long after they’re gone: their scent lingers in a hall, you could swear you saw them, just briefly, out of the corner of your eye, or you hear their voice in the wind, calling you and guiding you in your darkest hour... Read this article

Demi Lovato: Just another ex-Disney pop star
Demi Lovato’s Confident is the latest album in a long-winded list of records by ex-Disney pop stars. Released on Oct. 16, the album unfolds over a moderate 11 songs, which follow the typical formula of self-empowerment and irreverence. I... Read this article

Darkness hides in the brightest jewel
If you could travel back in time, to anywhere in the world, where would you go? Would you shake hands with Susan B. Anthony? Ride the very first Ferris wheel? Watch the first movies ever made under the bright lights of the new AC current? Woul... Read this article

Nosferatu the immortal
Nosferatu, the silent film from 1922, is hailed as being one of the most legendary and inspiring movies in the horror genre, and is world renowned for being the first film adaptation of Bram Stoker’s Dracula. The film is ranked as the sec... Read this article

What not to wear: keep Halloween fun and respectable
Every Halloween there are always a few people who make questionable decisions when it comes to their choice of costume. For many, the choice is between a sexy costume or a funny costume. Others will try and push the boundaries of an approp... Read this article

Fear mongering: why we like it
Why is it that some people enjoy being scared? In a word: hormones. There are some who say that the adrenaline rush, racing heart and sweaty palms that come with feeling afraid cannot be matched, even by sex. In an article in the Atlantic ... Read this article

Practice safe partying on Halloween
For students attending Western University and Fanshawe College, Halloween is a time to dress up in costumes, have some drinks and dance to music. The location for these celebrations can be house parties or going out to a club. Both choices aff... Read this article

The monster in music
Superstition is a powerful aspect of humanity that seems to seep into every facet of life, and music is no exception to this. Tales of haunted recording studios, possessed instruments and ghastly music venues are very commonplace, but what abou... Read this article

Back from the dead: rise of the horror game
The feeling of empowerment has long been a traditional aspect of video gaming. Players take control of a hyper-strong, ultra-powerful protagonist in order to solve a problem that no one else can, standing tall and triumphant at the end of a ha... Read this article

Don't go in there: Carbon copy horror films
The horror movie genre is set around a specific group of tropes or conventions. They involve monsters, ghosts, demons or other supernatural occurrences, and of course, the masked killer. This killer, whatever species, inevitably stalks a group... Read this article

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Pioneer Village spookin', scarin' and creepin'
More than 150 years ago, London’s early settlers huddled together around cooking fires, retelling paranormal tales of hauntings, creatures in the night and witchery. These storytellers wove their tales not for fun, but as stern warnings f... Read this article

McCulloch's pleases any type of shopper
When you walk into McCulloch’s costumes your first thought will generally be about the sheer size of the store. They have so many novelty items and Halloween costumes available, they can’t even count them. They have everything from ... Read this article

Looking for ghosts in the Forest City and beyond
The possibilities are endless when celebrating the spookiest time of year. Along with binge watching Halloween movies, carving pumpkins and crafting the perfect costume, telling ghost stories is another way to spend the occasion. To take it on... Read this article

Welcome to The Woods under the Wisconsin moon
The premise is simple. A small U.S. high school containing some 500 staff and students are transported from their normal lives in suburban Wisconsin to a moon somewhere across the galaxy. A moon full of winged multi-eyed monstrosities bent on ... Read this article

A cleverly condensed history of horror
The Halloween ritual can take on various meanings depending on what stage you may be at in life. As a child, Halloween is a favourite day when candy and costumes break the monotony of school; older kids prefer to take advantage of the evening... Read this article

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The Horror Games: Dice, Murder and Madness
Looking for something more strange and unusual for Devil’s Night and Halloween this year? From Cthulu to hordes of zombies, these board games will have you wondering what’s living in the dark corners of your home.  Elder Sign ... Read this article

DIY Horror
Each year, people are finding creative ways to enhance costumes and houses on Halloween. Sites such as YouTube and Pinterest have begun to offer users the ability to research and get inspired from other users who have taken everyday items and m... Read this article


Kovacevic breaks OCAA record
After breaking the Fanshawe school record in women's soccer for goals scored in a season early in October, Jade Kovacevic continued her torrid goal scoring, breaking the OCAA record of 20 goals in a season after an explosive 8-0 win agains... Read this article

Men's baseball team finish regular season strong
The Fanshawe men’s baseball team closed out their regular season at home on Friday, Oct. 16 and Saturday, Oct. 17. The Falcons hosted the George Brown Huskies on Friday and the Seneca Sting on Saturday at City Wide Park. The OUA Base... Read this article

Alternative methods to treat yo’self
Treat as a noun refers to anything that affords particular pleasure or enjoyment. To cheat means to defraud, deceive and violate rules or regulations. It usually takes a trainer some time to break a client from using these words when t... Read this article

Recess for adults
Sometimes I really miss being a kid and enjoying one of my favourite parts of the day: recess. With recess, there was no structure, rules were basic and the playground was the imagination station. When the bell went off we went outside and... Read this article

The 2016 Kia Optima
Some things are deserving of reinvention, while some just need to evolve. The city of Aspen, Colorado first saw settlers back in 1879. The people were drawn to this place due to its amazing topography. Over time, the city has evolved to in... Read this article

Premier League Ponderings: Differing fortunes for debut managers
There are few things that can raise the expectations surrounding a new club, such as the appointment of a new manager. A new manager can bring new ideas, new tactics and new vision to a club in trouble. After all, managers don’t usually ... Read this article

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