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Interrobang issue for Monday, October 19th, 2015

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Summary of the London-Fanshawe candidates
The clock is running down with only days left in the 42nd federal election. Which leader will win the keys to 24 Sussex Drive? Will we have a majority or minority government? And will this be the election that students choose to become more in... Read this article

FSU's Cruze Into College giveaway draws nearer
One lucky Fanshawe student will win the keys to a Chevrolet Cruze on Oct. 21 in Z-building. With only a week left before the big day, all 15 finalists have been declared. They are as follows: Raymond Su, Alexander Ham, Sally Gunter, Holly ... Read this article

Gender-neutral washrooms a possibility at Fanshawe
The possibility of full universal washrooms may be available at Fanshawe in the near future. Fanshawe already offers some washroom alternatives to its students. There are currently a small number of gender-neutral or family washrooms avail... Read this article

Haunted Hayrides focus on Robert Louis Stevenson's novel
Fanshawe Pioneer Village tells the story of rural communities in the former townships of several former townships in Middlesex County from 1820 to 1920 and the founding and development of the city of London up to 1840. Last weekend they he... Read this article

Tinder for music lovers
A new app for music fans matches users with other people nearby based on similar tastes in music. Scrute It is designed a lot like Tinder. Users set up a profile and add their favourite artists and then swipe left or right depending on whe... Read this article

New rapid transit bus for London
London is working towards building a rapid transportation within the next decade at a cost of $380-million. The proposed system in London would feature two L-shaped corridors that could be bus, rail or both. London taxpayers would be on the ho... Read this article

Former Fanshawe student finds niche in baking quiche
The Littlewood Pie Co. was busy this Thanksgiving weekend. The pie shop, located on 2386 Main St., baked an impressive number of pies for the holiday. Kelly Gowanlock, former Fanshawe students and owner of the shop, said that from Thur... Read this article

SAC election results
You voted, and the results are in. The Student Administrative Council (SAC) for the 2015 to 2016 academic year are as follows: School of Design Melanie Rintjema Lawrence Kinlin School of Business Morganna Sampson School of ... Read this article

Fanshawe taking steps to help sexual assault survivors
The sexual violence prevention adviser may be a new position at Fanshawe College, but Leah Marshall has hit the ground running by organizing a number of interactive and educational initiatives. The most recent event was the Oct. 7 screening of... Read this article


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Fanshawe Students versus the LTC
Fanshawe student cards serve as formal identification, entrance keys, library cards, health cards, meal plan and printer payment cards, making their functionality vital for the success of Fanshawe students. An additional feature has been in ... Read this article

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Timing is everything
Election campaigns are often referred to as races because it’s an analogy that works on almost every level. Just like a real foot race, the beginning can make all the difference but sometimes the big names can take a while to hit their str... Read this article

Rumours of Grace: This election, reject the economics of greed and despair
Last week I wrote about the words that open the Christian Bible. Those words about the beginning of the world are highly structured. In other words, and to over-simplify, they are a poem. It teaches many things, but for now I am focusing on just... Read this article


Beauty Boy: Fresh fragrances for fall
One of the most overwhelming cosmetics to buy is perfumes and colognes. There have been many brands launched throughout the year, including celebrity fragrances and designer brands. Since there have been many launches, a lot of people feel ove... Read this article

The safe side of Selena Gomez
Selena Gomez may have started on Disney Channel’s Wizard’s of Waverly Place, but she gained her true fame through dating the very troubled Justin Bieber. The now single songstress has been desperately trying to carve out a niche of... Read this article

A movie that deserves to be Panned
Telling the story of how Peter Pan, an orphan boy living in London during WWII, came to live in Neverland, Pan adds very little to the story we all know. Beginning with a narration that tells the audience this is something new and different, th... Read this article

Dive into danger with Dallas Green
Despite having left Alexisonfire nearly five years and four albums ago, many people still regard City and Colour as a side project. Perhaps this is from some animosity for killing the stampeding beast that was Alexisonfire, but this could simp... Read this article

Can prose redeem a broken man?
Difficult to describe, The Cheese Stealer’s Handbook by Shoshaku Jushaku is, in simplest terms, the heartbreaking story of a man during his darkest time. Fighting through desperation, addiction and inner demons, Jushaku speaks with honest... Read this article

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How to rest your body
When you’ve had an especially tough week or even one day that causes major muscle soreness, the kind where you can barely move or brush your teeth, it’s time to rest. Rest comes in many forms. Active rest Whether you are ... Read this article

Seasonal fashion trends to fall for
As the colours of the leaves change, so do the colours you see in someone’s outfit. Popular fall colours according to Flare magazine are burgundy, russet, mustard and navy, and Victoria Arsenault, a Broadcast Journalism student at Fansha... Read this article

Bobbyisms: Chic Gamine bring Light A Match to Aeolian Hall
I write about random things a lot. I write a lot about random things. If your Instagram feed is somewhat similar to mine, you may have noticed some cakes circulating a couple of weeks back. To commemorate the tenth anniversary of the release o... Read this article

Inukshuk and the future of ‘lovestep’
It seems that London’s music scene has taken note of the changing seasons. Albums are dropping nearly as fast as the autumn leaves and I must say, it’s a great time to be a Londoner. This week Interrobang got the chance to sit down ... Read this article

The Green Inferno: The controversial cannibal
For a brief time earlier this month, local movie theatres unceremoniously screened one of the most controversial films of the decade: Eli Roth’s The Green Inferno. Despite having been completed in 2013, Inferno’s mainstream debut w... Read this article

G33K LYFE: Uncharted Trilogy is Still a Treasure
This console generation, the PlayStation 4 in particular, has seen a large number of remasters come to the system as developers seek to use the increased power of the new console to boost the appeal of some of their best titles. Many of these ... Read this article

Netflix and Chill
So, are we doing this or not? THUNDER BAY (CUP) – Yet another social media driven euphemism for sexual activity has developed. This clever catchphrase (with a hidden meaning that couldn’t possibly be more subtle) is the questi... Read this article

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Zodiac Stargazer Horoscope
Aries (March 21 - April 19) Keep on building. You’re driven to work while others are driven to play. For now, your memory is long and detailed. Make a list while all of this information is still fresh in your mind. Taurus (Apr... Read this article


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Premier League Ponderings: Euro 2016 welcomes new contenders
With the Premier League taking a break for the final leg of the qualifying rounds for Euro 2016, the only news coming out of England is the ongoing party surrounding Jürgen Klopp’s appointment as Liverpool manager. As a result, this ... Read this article

Parsons hitting his stride as Knights' starter
When Tyler Parsons took to the ice on Thursday, Sept. 24 for the All-American Prospects game, he was missing an important piece of protection for a goaltender, a neck guard. Parsons was ultimately forced to leave that game after taking a s... Read this article

Winning streak continues for men's soccer team
Before taking a break from the field before the long weekend, the Fanshawe men’s soccer team defeated the St. Clair Saints at home on Wednesday, Oct. 7. The game continues the men’s winning streak and lead in the OCAA West Division.... Read this article

Show off in the 2016 RAM Rebel
Canada is the second largest country in the world, so it's not surprising that Canadians prefer big vehicles. The most popular type of vehicle on our roads is the pickup truck. The Ford F-150 is the most common pickup truck, but competi... Read this article

Fanshawe softball team secures first ever playoff spot
In only their second year of the program, the Fanshawe women’s softball team has made it to playoffs. The playoff spot was clinched on Oct. 13 in aConestoga College that saw the Falcons sweep the Condors, the first with a score of 6-2... Read this article

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