Current Issue: Monday, April 5th, 2021

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Interrobang articles by Darius Mirshahi

Take the Power Back: Life's worth living
We are one with the earth. Humanity does not exist independently from our environments. So when all of our life support systems are constantly under attack by this violent industrial culture, it is no wonder that we are messed up. The water we d... Read this article

Take the Power Back - Spoiling the ballot: none of the above
It's politricks time again! Politicians are scheming on how to get power in running the affairs of this state, and are out making promises, shaking hands and taking pictures. There are thousands of people out there working behind the scenes tryi... Read this article

Take the Power Back: Talking about revolution
Revolution is a daunting word, not to be used casually. It means a lot of sacrifice and pain for many revolutionaries. It is vital to survival, it flows in our veins, and we know we need it. Because it is the only way change is ever made from be... Read this article

A film festival to spark discussion
The Fanshawe Social Justice Club is kicking off the new year with a three-day film festival! The Social Justice Film Festival, in its fourth year, features six hard-hitting, award-winning and change-inspiring documentary films to Fanshawe. The... Read this article

Take the Power Back: Building a new foundation
It is best to build on a solid foundation. This concept is usually applied to physical structures, but is equally important for intangible structures. We build foundations for ideas and theories, for all interpersonal relationships, for movement... Read this article

Take the Power Back: Taking back your health
As the saying goes, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." And as anybody who's ever been sick can attest, a onetime cure is worth well over a lifetime of treating the symptoms. So how many tons of symptom treatments would an ounc... Read this article

Take the Power Back: The scales are tipped
G20 defendant and indigenous political prisoner Ryan Rainville was finally released from prison on bail November 9 after spending more than three months in jail on allegations of indictable mischief and other charges. Rainville, a good friend of... Read this article

Take the Power Back: The treat is a trick ... the trick is the treat
Once again the Halloween season is upon us, and people are busy buying costumes made by children in sweatshops, plasticwrapped nutritionally deficient "treats" made from sugar and cocoa grown in modern- day slave plantations and "scary" decorati... Read this article

Take the Power Back: The tipping point
Capitalism has failed. Financial meltdowns, bailouts, corruption, monopolization, scandal after scandal, a climate crisis and a planet dying from a toxic industrial society. Far from being at our peak, our current civilization is at one of the l... Read this article

Anarchist book fair coming to London
On October 23, London is hosting its first ever Anarchist Book Fair at the Tolpuddle Housing Co- Operative on Adelaide at King Street. Drawing dozens of independent radical book publishers and distributers — some from as far away as Oakl... Read this article

Take the Power Back: Sex trade just got safer
For a little over a year now, a volunteer-run support centre for sex workers, allies, and women in crisis has been active in London's Old East Village. Its name is SafeSpace, and it uses a model of empowerment to help sex workers operate with sa... Read this article

Take the Power Back: Canada a fascist state?
In case you haven't noticed, the country you are living in is sliding down a slippery slope towards fascism. The Harper government is building new super-prisons and expanding existing ones even though crime rates are substantially down across... Read this article

Take the Power Back: Let the Tamils stay
Tamil refugees continue fleeing war-torn Sri Lanka after the government bombarded and invaded their lands and massacred thousands of civilians in the process of “wiping out” the Tamil Liberation Tigers last year. The war might now be... Read this article

G8 and G20 activitism opportunities
The G8 and G20 summits descend upon Huntsville and Toronto this month, and thousands of people are organizing protests, rallies, direct actions, and other events in opposition to these meetings. Ranging from peaceful family-friendly rallies a... Read this article

Take the Power Back: Burning the banks down
Recently, a few people decided to set fire to an Ottawa branch of the Royal Bank of Canada, completely gutting it. Nobody was injured, and they posted a video of this action online, stating their reasons for taking such a bold action; primarily ... Read this article

Worst oil spill in history
For nearly six weeks now anywhere between 800, 000 to four million litres of oil have been flooding the Gulf of Mexico daily. British Petroleum, the company responsible for this tragedy is offering the lowest estimate. This is the worst oil spil... Read this article

Take the power back: Death of the West
The Western way of life is at its endpoint. In less than five years the world will face massive oil shortages; even with the horrific expansion of Alberta's tar sands, drilling in the Arctic, and every other devastatingly problematic “... Read this article

Free market free-for-all
“May Day,” traditionally celebrated as an international workers' day by unions and activists around the world, occurs every May 1. This year Londoners organized a “Really Really Free Market” in Victoria Park in observa... Read this article

A provocative read
The Coming Insurrection “It's useless to wait — for a breakthrough, for the revolution, the nuclear apocalypse or a social movement. To go on waiting is madness. The catastrophe is not coming, it is here. We are already situ... Read this article

Take the power back: Less waste more gifts
Another school year has come and gone. Once again students are tossing all their perfectly useful possessions on the corner to be hauled away to dumpsites where they will poison water supplies and the earth for decades to come. As usual when Sep... Read this article

G20 summit coming to Toronto
The leaders of the 20 richest countries will be holding their G20 summit meetings in Toronto this June. At these meetings major decisions affecting the future of this planet will be made behind closed-doors by a select few. Summits such as the... Read this article

Take the power back: Undermining capitalism
Many of you might already be familiar with “Buy Nothing Day,” the day we undermine capitalism and consumerism by refusing to shop. Well there is another day being organized to undermine capitalism this year. A network of disgruntled ... Read this article

Rebel Diaz break from the commercial
Underground hip-hop group Rebel Diaz recently made a stop in London as part of their first Canadian tour. The Centre for Social Concern brought them here to perform at King's University College alongside Salsa Desclazia; a salsa band from Montrea... Read this article

Take the power back: Not freedom of speech but freedom itself
Extreme right and fascist organizations have jumped onto the free speech bandwagon lately. Conservative pundits on the far-right such as Ann Coulter accuse the “liberal” media and universities of suppressing conservative views - a laugh... Read this article

Coulter's Canadian stops a mixed bag
Ann Coulter, a controversial extreme right-wing author from the U.S. who has been accused of promoting hate speech, recently delivered her first speech in Canada; right here in London.

Read this article

Take the power back: Earth needs us now
As young people, we already know we're screwed. We've been robbed of a future by our elders who consumed it. The last few generations have taken every resource imaginable and extracted it at an ever-increasing rate. Blind to the world around ... Read this article

In defence of the 2010 Black Bloc
How come as soon as protesters do some minor property destruction, everyone is appalled, but when corporations rape and pillage the planet they say nothing? How come it is more violent to break a window than to kidnap someone from their community and... Read this article

Tent village raises awareness for homeless
VANCOUVER - Hundreds of residents of Vancouver's downtown eastside and their supporters held a mass demonstration to demand homes for all, an end to the displacement of downtown eastside residents, and an end to police harassment, ticketing, and ... Read this article

Mass demonstration descend on Olympics
VANCOUVER - Thousands of indigenous people, anti-poverty activists, environmentalists, anarchists, and others converged on Vancouver this past weekend to protest against the 2010 Olympic games. Opponents of the 2010 winter games charged that the Olym... Read this article

Take the power back: Protesting the torch
The Olympic Resistance Network in Ontario is claiming several victories in the wake of disruptions to the Olympic torch relay throughout Ontario. In Ontario there were more disruptions, protests, and actions against the Olympic torch than in most oth... Read this article

Take the power back: Time for liberation
I am fed up with the way this entire world is structured and governed. I think as a species we have so much more potential than this. The way we are forced to live disgusts me every day. Everything is backwards. We eat garbage-processed fast foods t... Read this article

Expect Reistance a captivating read
Expect Resistance When I first discovered Expect Resistance, the third and latest book released by the CrimethInc Ex-Workers Collective, I chose to read the black ink only and skipped over the portions of the book printed in red. Then I read only ... Read this article

Take the power back: 2010 shaping up to be a Canadian riot
Welcome to 2010: Shit's about to hit the fan. This year will be a defining year for people living in the colonized territories of so-called “Canada.” This will be the year the comfortable, neutral, liberal, middle ground evaporates an... Read this article

Take the power back: Snuffing out the Olympic flame
This Christmas Eve will mark a very sad day in the history of London. It is on this night that a propaganda tool, which originated in Germany as a means of spreading fascism, will be paraded proudly through the streets of our city, and cheered on by ... Read this article

Punk the way it should be
There's a lot of meaningless pop punk saturating the airwaves these days as music industry executives attempt to co-opt, depoliticize, and mass market it. But while some punk bands like Against Me! have admittedly ‘sold out,' other punk... Read this article

Take the power back: What would Jesus do?
I loathe extravagant places of worship and the leaders who run them. Mega-churches, temples, and mosques are built with the most expensive materials throughout the world while millions of people die of hunger, exposure, and curable diseases. These gr... Read this article

Nobel Obama?
The world was recently shocked to find out that American president Barack Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize. Under the haze of general opinion, I too reacted with shock and disdain at this decision before it actually started to make sense. Granted, he... Read this article

Anarchy Alive author visiting London to talk about Israelis and Palestinians working together
The ongoing conflict in the “Holy Land” is often framed in terms of Israelis versus Palestinians or more crudely Jews against Arabs. This oversimplification tends to polarize people along those lines and fans the flames of blind hatred to... Read this article

Take the Power Back: Avoid the taxman and brew your own
Drinking is an almost unavoidable part of college life. Some people drink away their entire OSAP loan in a month because they piss their money away at the bars. Others drink at house parties and make it last a little longer. But whether you're bu... Read this article

Time to Veg Out
Opened just under six months ago as London's first and only vegan restaurant, not serving animal products is but only one of the distinctions that sets Veg Out apart from London's other eateries. Unlike the mass-produced fare typical of our c... Read this article

Debt a life sentence that's hard to break
Welcome to the rest of your life. Some of you just graduated from high school and have immediately launched yourselves into the poverty of student life. Others are returning to get new training, to work new jobs, or to pay old debts from previous sch... Read this article

The end, but not goodbye
Schools out, and I'm out of school. That's right I just finished my last year at Fanshawe. I'm done with being institutionalized for a little while. But before you breathe a sigh of relief or start celebrating, as I'm sure the admini... Read this article

Olympic Coke bus fizzles out
In another glaring example of how much the Olympics are run by big corporations, Coca-Cola has embarked on a three-month tour driving the Olympic torch around in a Coke bus. After meeting resistance and protests in other Southern Ontario cities, The... Read this article

The return of OkayCity
Music Industry Arts graduates Will Maka and Ray Black who make up the hip-hop duo OkayCity came back to London last Thursday for a performance at Fanshawe College; the place where they first met and began collaborating. Although they took Fanshawe a... Read this article

Forget the bailout, we are the problem
“We cannot solve our problems by using the same kind of thinking that created them.” - Albert Einstein This past April Fools Day, the leaders of the G20 nations met in London, England to come up with solutions to the financial crisis t... Read this article

Fanshawe film fest brings eco message
After an amazing debut year in 2008, the ‘Empowerment Film Festival' is back, coinciding this year with Fanshawe's Environmental Awareness Week. Similar to last year's event, which attracted several hundred Londoners throughout the... Read this article

How to honestly be a greener citizen
It's Environmental Week! For one week let's pretend we give a shit about the planet we're destroying and make symbolic gestures, such as recycling and buying green products! I guess I shouldn't complain, a week of environmental awareness... Read this article

Canada's war role exposed in film
Independent documentary filmmakers Amy Miller and Boban Chaldovich are currently on a 41-city coast-to-coast tour premiering their new film 'Myths For Profit'. Released by Wide Open Exposure, an autonomous media production team, Myths For Profit is ... Read this article

No jobs on a dead planet
“Only when the last tree has died and the last river has been poisoned and the last fish has been caught, will we realize that we cannot eat money.” Yet as the last of the world's old-growth forests are being cut, and toxins are bein... Read this article

Providing for ourselves
The capitalist system is sinking and it is crucial that we find life boats immediately. Forget about Obama changing anything, we don't have time to wait for his false hope, we need real change and real action now. We need to redevelop our social ... Read this article

Finding food for those in need
There is more than enough food for everyone, but some would rather throw it out than share it. This is a very serious consequence of allowing major corporations to distribute food for profit. They have no connection to the food, and to them it is on... Read this article

Canada's green grass
‘The grass is greener when there are no sides.' How people still pledge allegiances to flags and Queens, and other oppressive symbols of state power and authority baffles me. The concept of nation-states are, and were always, based on vio... Read this article

Just say no to 2010
The 2010 Olympic games are now only a year away, but resistance to these games is spreading across the country. In Southern Ontario there are already many groups organizing to oppose the Olympics for various different reasons. The most recent group ... Read this article

After two years, protesters claim victory
After an unrelenting and uncompromising two-year campaign against militarization on our campus, we've dealt a major blow to the war machine on campus. That's right; the military will NOT be participating in this year's Career Fair, and th... Read this article

A hope for a new future
It's like we're hostages of society paying our own ransoms. We see the intensified hyper-development forces swallowing the last bits of nature into controlled commodities. But instead of doing everything in our power to defend what's left, w... Read this article

Gaza play inspires audience
When up-and-coming director Dariusz Korbiel took on the ambitious project of producing the controversial play ‘My name is Rachel Corrie' nine months ago, he set out to provoke people and make them think. It is just coincidence that by open... Read this article

Deep-rooted problems in Gaza
The bombs may have stopped falling, but don't mistake that with peace. There can be no peace in gaza until Gazans are free. There can be no peace without justice, and no justice on stolen land. Every day in Gaza is a war. The media coverage, and... Read this article

Stage tribute to fallen activist
“My Name is Rachel Corrie” - a controversial play based on the words, journals, and emails of an American peace activist who was crushed to death nearly six years ago by an Israeli bulldozer in Gaza- is playing this week at The Arts Proje... Read this article

Death toll in Gaza has surpassed 1,000
Don't call it a war; it's a massacre. Don't call it a conflict; it's genocide. What Israel is currently doing in Gaza is a crime against humanity, a violation of numerous international laws, and absolutely reprehensible. Yet the media... Read this article

Choosing sides in the activist community
Last month I attended a pro-coalition rally to see why so many people in the activist community had put so much effort into propping the Liberals into power. The only response I got was that it was the lesser of two evils. But how much less evil is t... Read this article

Ten things activists should be preping for NOW
1. Food crisis: As farms are turned over to fuel production to keep cars running, stomachs will be running on empty around the world. Food prices will shoot up, and the crisis will be felt everywhere as western economies crash and food can no longe... Read this article

Movie takes viewers online
After winning “Best Feature” at the 2008 Artivist Film Festival in Hollywood, California, Zeitgeist Addendum has been released freely to the public via the Internet. Following the distribution model that turned the original Zeitgeist mov... Read this article

You can't put a price on freedom
Those who put prices on everything hate freedom. They even go as far as to claim it does not even exist. “Freedom isn't free,” they say. But if not freedom itself, what could possibly be free? Are you free? Or have you been condition... Read this article

What does ‘Free Trade' really mean?
Free trade isn't free. It's a contradiction in terms. The words ‘trade' and ‘free' are actually polar opposites. When something is free, no trade occurs. Only when things are not free must we trade. Capitalists use the wor... Read this article

Once a politician, always a politician
To the millions of people around the world who jumped for joy upon hearing of Barack Obama's victory; enjoy this hopeful moment, because it won't last long. It's time to meet the new boss, same as the old boss. All we've done here is... Read this article

Whose education is it, anyway?
Education shouldn't be a debt sentence. However, post-secondary education has become just that. Instead of our higher educations liberating us they enslave us through debt. We graduate with huge student debts that force us to get any job we can i... Read this article

The true cost of the 2010 Olympics
Now that the Beijing ‘Genocide' Olympics are finished, China has passed the burden of having the whole world watching them over to Canada, our home on native land. According to, an independent watchdog of the winter games, th... Read this article

‘Spirit Train' stopped on its tracks
A group of student and indigenous activists from Six Nations, Toronto, Waterloo, London, Kitchener and Guelph, blockaded the tracks and hung anti-Olympics banners and Native Unity flags off a ‘Canadian Pacific (CP)' rail overpass on Highway... Read this article

Where's the love in a time of sex
Nowadays, in our commodified world, everything that once was free is up for sale, even sex. That's right I'm going to use the same tired old cliché; sex sells. There's no shortage of examples when it comes to the selling of sex. London a... Read this article

Will casting your ballot change anything?
In case you haven't seen the hundreds of thousands of plastic lawn signs everywhere, the spectacle of elections is upon us. The sensational attack ads, the speeches, the gossip and the constant manipulation of polls clog the media, as if nothing ... Read this article

Animal rights speaker
Join wildlife activist Rob Laidlaw as he explores the myths and realities of zoos and our relationship to animals. This talk will explain why most zoos are a manifestation of our societal view that nature is there to be altered and manipulated... Read this article

Reopening the on campus childcare debate
You see how they spent our tuition on beautifying the outside of their buildings instead of on essential services for us. You saw how they cut down a bunch of real trees and paved everything in the ‘D' Courtyard, while putting up tree-... Read this article

Is policing the solution to problems?
There's a lot of talk lately about the ‘socalled' out-of-control behaviour of Fanshawe students in the student ghetto. The corporate media keeps pushing an image of Fanshawe students as no-good drunken hooligans. The cops harass us... Read this article

Protest over tuition
The York Federation of Students launched their anti-tuition hike campaign with a bang this past Wednesday, September 10 by inviting all York students and the student community at large to ‘Rise Up, Resist, Retaliate', a massive free concert... Read this article

Lonely? Join a club
In college, like in the rest of society, it's not what you know that matters it's who you know. So, before you get too occupied learning things you should really take some time to network. Important life-long relationships and friendships st... Read this article

Social issues have a voice in Immortal Technique
Immortal Technique The 3rd World After lyrically attacking the Bush administration, the war on drugs, the C.I.A., multinational corporations and popular culture on his 2003 release, Revolutionary Vol. 2, Immortal Technique has left the undergrou... Read this article

Activists fight for political change
“Freedom isn't a choice between pre-determined options. Freedom is the ability to shape what the options are in the first place. When were we ever offered a choice on whether we wanted to be ruled at all?” The revolution is happening... Read this article

Bottled water banned by city
London has gained international recognition for being the first Canadian City to ban single-use bottled water in all of its municipal facilities, starting immediately in three main buildings. The ban on bottled water will be extended to all other lo... Read this article

Drinking fountains: The cold, the clean and the crappy
Finding Fanshawe's best source of free water Being students and paying ridiculously high tuition fees, means we all have really tight budgets nowadays. However, there is one thing we can all save money on; WATER. With bottled water now retail... Read this article

Wake up , it's time for us to change
The future is unwritten; it is up to you to write the next chapter. Consider this an invitation to change your world. Although you might think of yourself as insignificant in ‘the big picture,' you have the power to drastically alter the c... Read this article

Switch it up this summer
Open your mind to a different lifestyle this summer So you're stuck at Fanshawe reading this paper while your friends are all out enjoying the summer months. You're stuck inside studying, but what you really want to do is take in some s... Read this article

London taps into water debate
Londoners had a chance to tap into their water recently. In a push to educate the public about the many issues surrounding the present use of our most important resource, water, the London chapter of the Council of Canadians organized a free communi... Read this article

Ontario rallies for Indigenous rights
A candlelight vigil in support of jailed indigenous leaders turned into a celebration as nearly 80 Londoners gathered at the corner of Richmond and Central as part of the May 29th ‘National Day of Action' highlighting First Nations issues. ... Read this article

Is this a reason to celebrate?
Ethnic cleansing is nothing to celebrate. Torture is nothing to celebrate. House demolitions are nothing to celebrate. Occupation is nothing to celebrate. Apartheid is nothing to celebrate. Yet it seems as though everyone, especially the mainstream m... Read this article

Life still hard in ‘The Big Easy'
Over 30 students from five Ontario Universities and Colleges, including Fanshawe College, travelled to New Orleans to attend ‘The People's Summit', help rebuild and participate in various actions opposing the Security and Prosperity Par... Read this article

Roadtrip to stop torture
‘Stop Canadian involvement in torture, and open up the secret torture inquiry now' were the two demands made by a group of human rights activists this week as they traveled from Toronto to Ottawa. The caravan against Canadian involvement i... Read this article

A year of social change
As the school year winds down, and we start getting ready for summer vacation, it's important to look back on the year and celebrate our successes, while at the same time being self-critical and open enough to look for constructive criticisms and... Read this article

Fanshawe fashion goes to the circus
Lights, camera, fashion. Tigers, lions, ringmasters, and magicians; no this was not your average circus, this was a night of enchantment, magic and most of all; fashion.

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Are we paying the ultimate price?
Like all other problems that plague humanity, we must attack the roots of the problem. We must go after those who profit from the destruction we seek to halt. As long as it is profitable to make bullets, missiles and nuclear warheads, there will be g... Read this article

It's time to take back our environment
“Only after the last tree has been cut down, only after the last river has been poisoned, only after the last fish has been caught, only then will you find that money cannot be eaten.” — Cree Indian Prophecy Earth Hour is not eno... Read this article

No power for one hour
One hour. Only one hour of one of your 366 days this year. Will you choose to make a difference? Will you lessen your impact on the environment? This coming Saturday, March 29, at 8 p.m., cities across the world, including London, Ontario will be par... Read this article

It's more than apathy turning voters away
It's election time. There's lack of interest, nobody on the ballot, electronic voting, catering to special interests, mass bribery, gimmicks, slimy moves, attack advertising, selling out. I'm not talking about the U.S. federal election, t... Read this article

Peaceful film fest
Project Peace Film Festival is screening ‘Peace Through the Projector' at Fanshawe College, D1052 presented by Cinema Politica, Fanshawe Social Justice Club and AWOL. Admission is free all week. Monday, March 17 7 p.m: War Made Easy (72... Read this article

A week against the invasion of Iraq
March 19 2008 marks the fifth anniversary of the start of the Iraq War. In the last five years close to a million people have been killed on both sides of the fighting. Although the situation in Iraq is steadily worsening, the Iraqi people's plig... Read this article

More involved than you think
It's time to turn over an old leaf; the maple leaf. Too many people in Canada have had the wool pulled over their eyes when it comes to our government's foreign policy. Liberal-minded Canadians are quick to denounce American wars of aggressi... Read this article

MMM... Organic beer
Organic beer is here! That's right, the Out Back Shack started serving Mill St. Organic this year. Now even health-conscious students can enjoy a good clean brew in between classes, after tests, with a meal and at every pub night. Brewed in Tor... Read this article

Defending the right to protest
“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” Mahatma Gandhi I'm happy to see that we're past the first two steps. In fact I was getting worried that there was no opposition to the peace,... Read this article

Die-in casualties hauled out of Career Fair
“The pioneers of a warless world are the youth that refuse military service.” Albert Einstein Check your ignorance at the door. Before you dismiss our counter-recruitment action as some pointless hippie-shit, open your mind and learn... Read this article

The Free Trade road has been anything but free
“..For the union makes us strong.” Several dozen unionized workers at Ledco Tool and Die in Kitchener, Ontario took control of the means of production, assumed control of all access points and ‘illegally occupied' their facto... Read this article

Falcon's Nest embraces Fair Trade coffee
Fair Trade is starting to catch on at Fanshawe College. The Falcon's Nest recently started serving ‘Brazcanco' certified organic and fair trade coffee in Forwell Hall, in addition to the ethical java that has been served in the Oasis ov... Read this article

A history you don't hear about
Oh Canada, our home on native land. That's right, on, not and, but on, native land. The northern parts of Turtle Island, the land that we now call Canada, is all Native land that, for the most part, was stolen through the use of force (terrorism... Read this article

Go green by cutting out meat
Wendy's must be trying to kill you. Wendy's restaurants are following up their health terminator, or as they called it ‘Baconator' with their newest concoction; the double bypass-inducing ‘Stack Attack,' commonly referred... Read this article

AWOL soldiers
As the war in Iraq drags on, support for the disastrous occupation thins out. According to a recent CBS poll, nearly three quarters of American Democrats (the next president will most likely be a Democrat) want to end the occupation of Iraq, and bri... Read this article

Empowering film festival right here at Fansawe
The Fanshawe Social Justice Club is kicking off the New Year at Fanshawe with the most ambitious event to date; a week long film festival. The first annual ‘Empowerment Film Festival' will bring more than 10 hard-hitting, award-winning, th... Read this article

Boycott Beijing?
With the 2008 Beijing Olympics fast approaching, there is a lot of talk about a boycott over China's horrible human rights record. Activists around the world are planning protests and actions against the Olympics being held in China over a variet... Read this article

It's not always a celebration bitches
Kanye's Graduation softer than the teddy bear on the album cover Multi-platinum selling rap artist, Kanye West, released his latest installment of gimmicky college—themed albums this past fall and once again proved Nas right for claimin... Read this article

Making the right kind of resolutions this year
Welcome to 2008! Isn't it strange how quickly time passes us by? It's as if every year that passes by gets shorter. Why is this? Is it only because we're getting older or does it have something to do with the fact that we are slowly bein... Read this article

Merry Gift-mas to all
MERRY GIFTMAS! The season is finally here, aren't you excited? Did you catch the Corporate Santa Claus parade? I particularly liked the Home Depot and the 1-800-Got-Junk dumpster floats myself. Although the trashy trailer with blinking lights on ... Read this article

Selling the sacred
Nothing is sacred anymore. We've poisoned everything in our quest for cheap commodities. We are raping the global south of their resources, and capitalizing on the misery and disparity that we create in this world, in order to live ever more glut... Read this article

Keepin' 6 keeps it Uncensored
Keepin' 6 isn't just slang for ‘being on the lookout for cops,' it's also the name of an up-and-coming ska band out of Mississauga, Ontario. Formed in 2003, Keepin' 6 has been making a name for themselves at live shows, whi... Read this article

Is the flu shot really a good idea?
Well it's that time of year again. Time to stand in a long line-up awaiting your turn to let a doctor stab a needle into your body and inject a cocktail of viruses, toxins and other bio-material that supposedly will keep you safe from the ever-dr... Read this article

Learning to share again
If life were a game, capitalists would have you believe that ‘whoever dies with the most things wins'. They want us to run around in their little rat race, buying every useless commodity that they present us with, while they work us to deat... Read this article

International Day of Action sees results
Thousands of people protested in cities across Canada, including more than 100 people here in London, as part of an International Day of Protest against the ‘war on terror' last month. Although the hundreds of thousands who demonstrated in ... Read this article

Living outside the structure of power and economy
If everything you saw tormented you, you'd gouge your eyes out. Reality today is so terrifying that it is no wonder that many people choose to do this (metaphorically). Wars, diseases, famine, exploitation and environmental devastation have left ... Read this article

Wake up! We are in a war
Canada is at war right now. We're not peacekeeping, we're occupying a country and killing people. Do you know we're at war? Does it feel like we're at war? I mean, besides putting yellow ribbons on our global warmers we haven't re... Read this article

Making poverty a thing of the past
Students stood up and spoke out against poverty last Wednesday, October 17 in Forwell Hall, as part of global mass-mobilization calling on world leaders to keep their promises, and make poverty history by 2015. Last year ‘Stand Up Speak Out... Read this article

Buying or selling sex
This is not an article about how every corporation uses sexist imagery to sell you products you don't need, or how big pharma is preying on everyone's sexual insecurities to sell enhancements of all kinds, or how women are under the false imp... Read this article

Award winning film opens Palestinian Film Festival
The fourth annual Palestinian Film Festival will feature five thought provoking films “The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.” This is the quote that directors Sufyan and Abdallah Omeish use... Read this article

Capitalism vs Communism
Whenever I tell people I'm against capitalism, they automatically assume I'm a Communist, look at me funny and tell me that history has proven that Communism doesn't work. Communism has been pushed aside and labeled a crazy utopian dream... Read this article

Punk is alive and well in London
Punx Not Dead! Whoever said it was? Far from being dead, the punk genre is thriving with new acts popping up everywhere and music listeners turning to this raw genre as an escape from the spew of fabricated ‘hard-core' images that the musi... Read this article

Endorsing NDP and Stephen Maynard
Although I am a person who values direct action and self-representation far more than the so-called democratic practice of ‘elected representation,' I still choose to take an hour out of my day once every four years to help elect the least ... Read this article

Make your vote count this time
Your vote doesn't count. Well at least not yet it doesn't. Our current voting system is a pathetic charade of democracy where people vote out of fear instead of hope. People here vote against the party they hate instead of for the party they ... Read this article

Big Brother is watching
You are under surveillance. Whoever you are, whatever you do, wherever you go, the police state watches. There are cameras not only in banks, but also in every store, every building, in elevators, in hallways, in public parks and on street corners. D... Read this article

Things you don't know about your morning Tim's
On a scale from Green to Black, Tim Hortons environmental footprint is blacker than the coffee they brew. As I watch students wearing “Gimme my Timmies” t-shirts, sluggishly moving through the 20 minute line-up for their daily cup of... Read this article

Vegan options at Zen Gardens
If you're getting sick from eating a diet consisting of fast food and processed meat, or from being a french-fry vegetarian, or even if you just can't go out for dinner because restaurants neglect to serve any vegan options, Zen Gardens is yo... Read this article

9/11 questions still go unanswered
As the sixth anniversary of 9/11 approaches, a large and growing number of victims' families, firefighters, physics professors, engineers, political experts, economists, students and average people are questioning the governments official account... Read this article

Getting involved with a social conscious
Welcome back, or if this is your first year, welcome to Fanshawe College. The administration is wack, but the students are cool. If you connect with the right people, this could be one of the most memorable years of your life, and you can create fri... Read this article

Students protest summit in Quebec
MONTEBELLO,QUE Thousands of protesters, including over a dozen Fanshawe students, gathered in Ottawa and Montebello, Quebec to denounce the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) meeting between George Bush, Stephen Harper and Felipe Calderon, whi... Read this article

Owning up to our history
If you think Canada is some do-gooder nation that promotes social justice and world peace, take off your rosy-coloured glasses. I am so sick of Canadians acting as if we are not a part of the problem, and that somehow we are better than our war-monge... Read this article

Rally for Peace
Millions gathered around the world this week for demonstrations of solidarity with the Palestinian people. Mass demonstrations were organized by a broad coalition of progressive movements, faith groups, labour unions and activist groups to mark the 4... Read this article

The state of media
The enemy of truth is corporate media. The media's role is to serve the public interest, keeping a check on those who hold power. The media's role is to inform us when the elite, whether government or private-interest, abuses their power and ... Read this article

Forum to tackle global social issues
For the third consecutive year, a Regional Social Forum for Southern Ontario will be held here in London at the Scouts Canada Grounds at 531, Windermere Road. This hugely popular free event, who's slogan is “a better world is possible,&rdqu... Read this article

A year of change
Dear beloved readers. This will be my last article of the year. I sincerely hope that my articles did not fall on deaf ears, and that you were moved by them to think critically about the system, and act for peace, justice, truth, equality, and freedo... Read this article

Cultures unite at the Shack
Out Back Shack was packed last Thursday with students who came out celebrate cultural diversity, while helping to raise money for an orphan in Burkina Faso, West Africa. This was the first pub night to be co-sponsored by student clubs. The B.L.A.C.K... Read this article

Chocolate not always a sweet deal
Easter is here, and that means only one thing; big money for the chocolate industry. Chocolate and candy companies have hijacked this holiday, using heavy marketing and advertising aimed at children for decades in order to continue reaping the profi... Read this article

Celebrating social change
Although my articles usually serve to inform about problems in the world and what needs to change, I felt that this week's article needed a change in focus. It is not enough to simply point out the problems that exist in our world. It is not enou... Read this article

Why are bananas 29¢ a pound?
Do you ever question your contribution to exploitation and environmental degradation? Do you ever think about all the people that were exploited and the environmental damage that was done in order to supply your cheap food and consumer goods? For mo... Read this article

Rally for Kyoto
An estimated 125 people gathered in London's Victoria Park at noon on Sunday, March 11 to rally as part of a national day of action against climate change. The “Rally for Kyoto” was organized by the local chapter of the “Counci... Read this article

Support in Iraq dwindling
American hegemony is crumbling under the weight of its own superiority complex and poorly-planned foreign policy. The American empire is on the decline, and united we fall. The “coalition of the willing” can now easily be replaced with t... Read this article

There is a fine line between freedom and being free
Freedom isn't free. As Canadian citizens, we have fought for the great freedoms we enjoy and should never take them for granted. Heroes have dedicated their lives to breaking the chains of oppression, sacrificing themselves in the pursuit of a j... Read this article

Arrested protester speaks out
Silencing students: we do that. Sadistic threats: we do that. Excessive and unnecessary force: we do that too. Attention Fanshawe Students, the moment you cross onto this side of our gated community's security barrier - fence - you are trespassin... Read this article

Love is in the air
I love you. Yes you, the reader of my thoughts, experiences and beliefs. Even though we might never have met or spoken a word to each other in person, we are still connected in an important way. You give meaning to everything I write, and to my exis... Read this article

US playing Risk-y war
The war-machine to the south just won't stop. The self-proclaimed “war president,” who knows nothing of the horrendous realities of war and has never fought one, just can't get enough of starting, joining, and escalating conflicts... Read this article

Mother Nature is pissed
Mother Nature won't be taking our abuse anymore, so get ready to feel her wrath. Be prepared for flash floods, hurricanes, tsunamis, desertification, drought, tornadoes and typhoons, coming faster and more often. Over the last few years there ha... Read this article

Guns do not bring peace
According to a recently released report by the United Nations, nearly 7000 civilians have been killed in Iraq in the last two months alone. With an average of over 100 civilians a day being killed, it is extremely difficult to argue that the country ... Read this article

Illusion of democracy
Democracy; everybody praises and desires it. The word itself conjures up images of good sensible government, individual freedoms, and a society in which all have an equally powerful voice in the country's affairs. In fact, “democracy&rdquo... Read this article

A socially just New Year
Happy New Year! I hope everyone had environmentally sustainable and exploitation-free holidays, and that you are ready to make changes in the world in 2007. All New Years resolutions should be about making 2007 a better year for all people, not only... Read this article

Forget the bling and buy nothing
So how does it feel being a slave master? How does it feel living the so-called “high life,” consuming in excess? How does it feel to wear clothing sewn by child laborer wage slaves? How does it feel to fill up on steak while people st... Read this article

School of the Americas protest growing each year
Thousands of terrorists, death squads, assassins, paramilitaries and torturers are being “trained” in “schools” as you read this. Once these “students” graduate they will travel the world, leaving trails of blood,... Read this article

Transcontinental controversy
There is a period of “relative calm” in the Middle East. No Israeli civilians were killed this week but hundreds of Palestinian civilians were slaughtered in Israel's “offensive” in the Gaza strip. Israeli tank shells mas... Read this article

Choosing sides in the South
Are you a right-wing conservative or a left-wing liberal? Are you a Democrat or a Republican? Mid-term elections are here, and once again it's time to make your choice between brand A and brand B. It's a shame that both brands are essentia... Read this article

Social Justice: Threats to Palestine
Imagine living in a bullet-ridden, war-torn slum, completely walled off from the outside world by 60 foot concrete walls, guarded by snipers, tanks, and helicopters. You are not allowed out, if you try to leave, you will be shot and killed with the ... Read this article

The threat of nuclear bombs
Be afraid, be very afraid. Crazed dictator Kim Jung Il has “successfully” tested a nuclear weapon….underground, in his own country. Even though the Stalinist regime in North Korea is one of the original three members of the infamous &ldq... Read this article

The convenient price we will have to pay
So you've just left work and as usual you're stuck, bumper-to-bumper, in stop and go traffic. As you inch your way home to your suburban McMansion, in your Suburban 4X4 SUV, inhaling a double Big Mac with the A/C on blast, it suddenly hits y... Read this article

More than war in the Middle East
Iraq, and Afghanistan are being “Nuked” as you read this. Not with the conventional nuclear warheads that instantaneously annihilate entire cities with one shot, but with hundreds of millions of mini-nuke paper-cuts that will continue to... Read this article

Problem with the little ribbons
“Support your troops! Go out and buy yellow ribbons and stick them all over your bumper to really piss off the spineless, anti-war, immigrant liberal terrorists who take all our freedoms for granted.” That's right, the same brand of... Read this article

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