Reel Views: Have a prehistoric good time with The Croods

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The Croods (2013)

Remember when Dreamworks took you into the world of Antz and then on a Chicken Run? Wasn't it magical when you got to travel into the world of Shrek and see the ogre-sized love story unfold? It was also pretty incredible when you were transported to a world where you got to learn How to Train Your Dragon. Now, the same people are ready to take you back in time — way back in time — to meet The Croods.

Following the adventures of a prehistoric family of cave-people, The Croods is the 26th feature length movie from the beloved Dreamworks animation studio. Eep, the leading lady of this Paleolithic family flick, is adventurous, explorative and curious about the world around her, much to her paranoid, uptight father's dismay. Grug, Eep's father, believes that everything new is dangerous and credits his family's survival to his strict rules and traditions. One night, having grown exhausted by her father's tight grasp on her, Eep runs away from her family's cave. Soon, she meets Guy, a caveman with a more forward way of thinking than she has ever encountered before. Guy tries to lead Eep and her family, including her stubborn father, towards the land of “tomorrow,” and chaos ensues as the two males clash when it comes to doing what's right for the group.

The voice acting in The Croods is not only fitting to the characters and storyline, but the combination of talents makes for a truly enjoyable flick. Emma Stone, one of Hollywood's newest darlings, takes the lead as the fearless Eep. Stone proves that voice acting is one of her numerous talents as she does a brilliant and entertaining job of bringing the adventurous cavegirl to life.

Stepping in beside Stone is Canadian Ryan Reynolds as Guy. Reynolds, besides being a stunning action star and rom-com darling, proves that he has what it takes to do animated family flicks too. Reynolds is truly charming, even through the veil of animation.

Nicholas Cage and Catherine Keener take on the roles of Grug and Ugga, Eep's parents. Though Cage is becoming tired and unoriginal in his work lately, he is exactly what is needed for the stubborn traditionalist Gurg. Keener is, as always, funny, endearing and an all-around good time to watch, or in this case, simply listen to.

Also of note in The Croods are Cloris Leachman as Grug's mother- in-law, Chris Sanders, as Guy's “pet” sloth Belt, and Randy Thom and Clark Duke as Grug's other children, Sandy and Thunk.

In terms of animated movies, The Croods rates high overall. It's entertaining for kids, a must when making an animated flick nowadays, yet it's enjoyable for adults with or without children in tow.

If you're looking for something light, funny and genuinely entertaining, the The Croods is probably the best time you'll have in theatres right now!

Rating: 5 out of 5