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Four Falcons headed to OCAA Hall of Fame

Megan McPhaden | Interrobang | Sports | March 18th, 2013

Four Fanshawe alumni are being inducted to the Ontario Colleges Athletic Association Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame honours achievements in three categories: athletes, coaches and builders (those who have significantly contributed to the association). Mike Lindsay is one of the four being inducted.

Builder Mike Lindsay a graduate of the recreation and leadership program at Fanshawe is being honoured for his work at Fanshawe and the OCAA. Lindsay, who retired last year after 41 years in the Fanshawe athletics program, has made extraordinary contributions to athletics throughout his tenure, revamping Fanshawe into an athletic powerhouse.

“You could run any sport at Fanshawe and be successful,” said Lindsay, “Fanshawe athletes are very competitive, they want to know where they stand and they know they have to give the extra effort in order to be successful.”

It shows too; during Lindsay's involvement with the athletics department, the Falcons won 131 gold, 81 silver and 88 bronze medals at the provincial and national levels.

The humbled former OCAA president and Fanshawe athletic manager started his career wanting to break down some of the barriers of athlete eligibility, which is exactly what he did.

“One of my proudest moments was getting a fifth-year eligibility across Canada, prior to that it was only four years. Since Fanshawe was one of the biggest co-op schools, we were getting a lot of transfers and having students up to five years and they weren't eligible. Now they are.”

Another humbled inductee was Emily Costello. Costello has a long and illustrious soccer career in London and at Fanshawe. At 27 years old, Costello is one of the youngest inductees, which goes to show the magnitude of her accomplishments.

“I am super humbled to have been put in a category with other great athletes and coaches,” said Costello.

She has been playing soccer since the age of nine, which is relatively late to start soccer. In a very short period of time, Costello's soccer career reached new highs. In her rookie year, she was named captain of Fanshawe's women's soccer team. 2005 was supposed to have been a rebuilding year for the team, since 90 per cent of the players were rookies and they had just appointed a new coach, but the women shocked the OCAA when they took home the provincial title.

Costello credited her long-time coach and mentor Martin Painter as guy who turns around soccer programs.

“I was so lucky to have him as a coach in my last year, as well as to have him involved in our club team. He taught me a lot about my own play and self-confidence and that I can do whatever I want,” said Costello. “He instills a sense of knowledge and I never stopped learning from him.”

Costello's time at Fanshawe was one of achievements and growth as a player as well as a student. She was named to the Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association All-Canadian team after helping Fanshawe advance to Nationals in British Columbia.

She's living proof that after college your success in the sport doesn't end. Costello is the captain of the North London Galaxy women's team, who captured the Jubilee Trophy this past fall in Winnipeg.

“It's nice to get some recognition for the time and commitment you put into something,” said Costello.

In addition to Lindsay and Costello, the OCAA is also inducting former men's basketball coach Bill Carriere. Bill isn't the first Carriere to be inducted into the hall of fame, however; his wife Theresa was inducted as an athlete in 2005.

Also being honoured is cross-country runner John Mason. Mason led Fanshawe's cross-country team to two silver and three bronze medals at the National championships over the course of his five years at Fanshawe. Mason's athletic accomplishments are endless having been MVP and CCAA All-Canadian for four years.

The alumni will be inducted on May 1 at the Delta London Armouries, along with 49 others from across the province.
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