The Heel Turn: Will the latest move put TNA on the right track?

Dixie Carter recently confirmed that Vince Russo has been let go from TNA creative. Just last year he was demoted from Head Writer and replaced by Bruce Pritchard. This time he is completely out, and Dave Lagana, who has worked for both the WWE and Ring Of Honor, is allegedly in. This is another positive move towards getting TNA back on the right track and hopefully building on their success. With any luck, Russo will find other employment far away from the wrestling business so that fans will never be subjected to his lackluster storylines ever again.

TNA X-Division star Jesse Sorensen, who only recently started making his name in the company, suffered a serious neck injury during his match with Zema Ion at the Against All Odds event on February 13. Kurt Angle, who knows firsthand about that particular injury, reported that Sorensen is moving his arms and legs. Angle also stated that, despite the doctors saying the injury takes one year to recover from, he believes that Sorensen can do it in four months. Hopefully he does fully recover and gets back into the ring, as Sorensen is a promising young athlete and it would be a shame for his wrestling career to be cut so short.

More of Daniel Bryan's personal lifestyle is being introduced into his current storyline, with the Heavyweight champion being increasingly vocal about his vegan diet. This is reminiscent of CM Punk's aggressive straight edge attitude a few years back. Bryan is already being portrayed as a cowardly champion who will do anything to avoid actually facing Big Show and Mark Henry. His vegan superiority complex is a sure-fire way to earn him some major heel heat, exactly like Punk did with his assertion that "straight-edge means I'm better than you!"

As if the whole Triple H vs Taker angle wasn't already played out, now Shawn Michaels is involved in the situation. HBK is trying to convince Hunter to face the Deadman yet again, but Triple H realized that Michaels was just attempting to live vicariously through his accomplishments since Michaels could not beat Taker himself. Regardless of where this storyline goes, we've seen it several times before and there does not seem to be anything new that can be added to the entire Triple H/ Taker/ HBK saga. One thing is for sure, when the Undertaker does leave his two decade career behind, the WWE will just never be the same.