Stobie's Pizza
685 Richmond St.
4.9 km from campus
Stobie's is the place to get pizza in downtown London. Located conveniently on Richmond Row, and open late, it's the best place to go after a night out on the town, or for a quick and cheap lunch or dinner.

650 Richmond St.
5.7 km from campus
Offering classic Italian food, an elegant atmosphere and a huge wine selection, Bertoldi's is a great place for a special night out. It can be a bit pricey though, so save it for the perfect occasion.

Thuan Kieu
1472 Huron St.
1.5 km from campus
Offering some of the best Vietnamese and Thai food in town, Thuan Kieu is sure to quell your cravings. With most entrees coming in around $10, you're bound to become a regular. Thuan Kieu will soon be moving to Northland Mall at the corner of Huron & Highbury.

Prince Al's
565 Richmond St.
6km from campus
Classic diner food - including the peanut buttery Wally Burger - retro decor and Coca Cola in oldschool glass bottles make this cozy little diner great for lunch, dinner or a quick bite after the bars.

Smoke's Poutinerie
551 Richmond St.
6 km from campus
Do you like poutine? Do you really like poutine? Smoke's is where you want to be. Offering the widest selection of poutine in town, this is the best place to go to gravy up your fries.

Ben Thanh
57 York St. and 1070 Wellington Rd. S
7.7 km from campus
Authentic Vietnamese and Thai food is offered at Ben Thanh, and with a wide selection of dishes available, including their beloved Pad Thai, there is sure to be something to satisfy your appetite here.

The Bungalow
910 Waterloo St.
5.6 km from campus
Feel like a burger, but want something out of the ordinary? The Bungalow offers a wide variety of premium burgers that are easy on your wallet. Buffalo, wild boar and portobello mushroom are among the patty choices, and with more toppings than you could ask for, it's impossible to get bored with these burgers.

Fellini Koolini's
155 Albert St.
6 km from campus
Have a date that you want to take somewhere special, but not somewhere that will break the bank? Fellini Koolini's offers delicious Italian food in a cozy, quiet and romantic atmosphere at a price that will keep your wallet happy.

Spageddy Eddy's
428 Richmond St.
6 km from campus
Have a big appetite but a small budget? Spageddy Eddy's, hidden away from the hustle and bustle of downtown, offers more pasta and salad than you could eat. It's as delicious as it is inexpensive.

Veg Out
646 Richmond St.
5.7 km from campus
Vegetarians and vegans alike will enjoy this organic, vegan restaurant. They offer a delicious selection of food, coffee, beer and wine.

The Works
145 King St.
7.7 km from campus
From fried eggs to peanut butter to mouthwatering bacon, The Works' delicious ingredient combinations really spice up a plain old burger. There are tons of vegetarian options, too!