The Heel Turn: An eventful summer in the WWE

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A lot has happened over the summer in the world of professional wrestling, not the least of which was the tragic loss of one of the most legendary superstars ever, Macho Man Randy Savage. It's all the more tragic since he was rumoured to be considering a perfectly timed return to wrestling, considering that his long-time frenemy Hulk Hogan is the storyline "owner" of TNA right now. It shouldn't have happened this way, but hopefully this is the catalyst for Vince McMahon to finally induct Savage into the WWE Hall Of Fame.

Many wrestling fans will already know the nasty rumour that's been circulating for years regarding the fallout between Savage and McMahon, the one concerning an alleged relationship between Macho and Stephanie McMahon. It was hard to believe that story anyways, but Rowdy Roddy Piper finally officially cleared up the beef between the two men. The bad blood resulted from an altercation between them in which Savage punched McMahon, and that's the whole story according to Piper.

The WWE has undergone many changes in recent months. A major storyline is underway with McMahon being relieved of his duties as Chairman of the Board. Due to a vote by the WWE Board of Directors, Triple H is now in control of the day-to-day operations of the company, a position that he is being groomed to take on in real life once McMahon retires for real.

RAW has gotten very interesting again with the soaring popularity of CM Punk, who's slowly gone from outright heel to a tweener. Even John Cena has gotten a little edgier lately, with his sudden defiant attitude towards McMahon. They really need to keep that going, since Cena and McMahon being at odds is precisely the spark that Cena needs to re-energize his played-out gimmick.

For probably the first time ever in WWE history, there were two WWE champions, with both CM Punk and Cena holding a belt. This situation came to an end at Summerslam, where Punk defeated Cena to become the true undisputed champion. His victory would not last, as he was powerbombed by Kevin Nash in a surprise attack. Alberto Del Rio cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase right then and there to steal the championship away from Punk.

I'm not sure why they would move away from Punk being champ, as he has been on fire lately with some of the best promos ever. It just seems too soon for Del Rio to be the WWE champion, as it's been barely a year since he debuted in the company. A little more time should have been required of the Mexican Aristocrat before they elevated him to main event status, a lesson they may learn sooner rather than later.