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Having problems? The staff in Counselling and Student Life can help

News | August 29th, 2005

The staff at Counselling and Student Life Services is available to support your academic and personal success at Fanshawe College.  We welcome your questions and will work with you to find solutions to any problems you may encounter.

Come and see us in F2010, or call 452-4282.

Some services are also available at area campuses:
St. Thomas: 633-2030
Simcoe: 426-8260 
Woodstock: 421-0144

Our counsellors provide confidential assistance with academic matters, personal concerns, and career mapping.  Our services include counselling, study skills, time management, stress management, relationship difficulties, career information and assessments.

Students considering withdrawing from a course or program should see a counsellor as early as possible.  Often there are viable alternatives!  Withdrawal forms are available only from a counsellor.

Mature student counselling addresses the special concerns of adult learners returning to school after time away from studies.  Counsellors coordinate information sessions, orientations and noon hour meetings with special topics and speakers.

Support is also available for international students, immigrants and others experiencing stress due to cross cultural adjustment.

If you are a student with a disability, you're encouraged to introduce yourself to the Disability Services staff in F2010.  We offer a wide range of specialized services to assist with your college success.  Services may include counselling, psycho-educational assessment, academic accommodations, learning strategies (including study skills, time management, organizational skills, test preparation), adaptive technology, training workshops, assistive devices, peer assistants, peer support groups, and access to bursaries.

Students at area campuses should contact their campus office for assistance.

Peer Tutors:  Peer tutoring is an effective service to help you achieve academic success.  Students who are in academic difficulty and would like to be matched with a peer tutor should contact Bonnie MacBean at F2010, or call 452-4138.  Fanshawe Student Union and Fanshawe College contribute to the cost of this service, making it affordable to students.  Five hours of peer tutoring costs only $15.  We encourage students who excel in their studies to apply to be a paid peer tutor ($9 per hour).

Information Brochures about special College services and all College programs are available in F2010.

Bulletin Boards:  We remind you that bulletin board items must be approved and stamped in F2010 before being posted.  The College discourages the advertising of events, goods or services unrelated to Fanshawe College, and reserves the right to remove such unauthorized material.

All found items should be delivered to Room F2010 as soon as possible - and if you have lost something please drop by and check to see if it has been found.
All found items will be retained for 45 days.  After that, unclaimed articles may be distributed to charitable organizations.  Unclaimed books and other educational material may be distributed to students at the discretion of the department.

It is very important that you put identification in all of your belongings.  Your name and telephone number should be marked on books, pencil cases, book bags, calculators, etc.

Our Off-Campus Housing service provides a current list of apartments, townhouses and private homes in London which are available to students.  Listings are posted on bulletin boards located outside Room F2010 and are available on the Fanshawe College website.

A housing mediator is also available to Fanshawe students to consult about any rental concerns that you may experience.
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