Food for Thought: Summer snacking

The warm sand, the crisp waves, the golden sun and a group of friends all mix together to make a perfect day at the beach. Sounds good, right? Well, if you are planning a beach day, it's important to make sure you have some good eats and drinks when you spend your day under the hot sun.

First of all, it's key to have plenty of cold drink available so you don't get dehydrated. I suggest packing a cooler with a reusable bottle of water that you can fill up when you need to and some juice. Be careful, however, because juice will attract many unwanted visitors like wasps, flies and other creepy crawlers.

For food, you will want to pack something light. There is nothing worse than eating something heavy and greasy in the sun. I suggest some fruits like watermelon and strawberries (although be careful of those creepy crawlers), some cold cuts and cheese, some veggies with dip and some buns.

It's so easy to rip open a bun and make a little sandwich on the fly. Even betterbring along some hummus to dip your veggies into while also using it as a sandwich spread.

The fruit and veggies should be prewashed and cut into easy-to-eat pieces, and stored in a tight container in the cooler. The cold cuts should also be kept in the cooler so as not to promote bacterial growth.

Finally, make sure to bring a couple of reusable plates and cups so you don't have to use disposables. This will help keep the sand out of your food. It's a pretty gross feeling to have sand particles gritting between your teeth as you try to chew!

And don't forget to wear sunscreen!