Meet the 2010 FSU Election candidates

FSU President

MCGARRY, RobRob McGarry
Hi, my name is Rob McGarry and I am running to be your president on your Fanshawe Student Union. I am a lifelong Londoner and I am currently in my third and last program at the college - the postgraduate corporate communication and public relations program. I am a graduate of both the broadcast journalism program and television news program too.

My pledge to you is simple: ensure that you know what the Fanshawe Student Union is and what it can do for you, and that the message is being effectively received. With all the communications-related programs I have taken, I know the importance of having good communication.

I don’t want to make commitments and promises that I can’t keep, and the ones I have made are fairly attainable ones. I kept my promises as your VP Internal and currently as your Language and Liberal Studies rep. whether it was adding more clubs here on campus, or expanding our environmental efforts in various ways, it’s always been a promise made, a promise kept.

Lastly, the most important part of my campaign is you. You’re the ones I hear from and want to continue to hear from throughout the campaign and beyond.

If you want more information on my campaign don’t hesitate to ask me when you see me, or contact me through my Facebook group, and remember to vote on Fanshawe Online from March 15th at 9am to March 18th at 2pm.


SCALIA, JoeJoe Scalia
This year as your VP Finance I’ve had the opportunity to help many of you, and create a lasting change for students at Fanshawe. I’ve done this locally at FSU as VP Finance as well as provincially on the board of the College Student Alliance. But above all else I’m a student in the digital post-production program. My work has always been a result of being a student here at Fanshawe and as I near graduation I want nothing more than to serve in your name as your full-time FSU President. My office will always be an open door for students to come to when they are in need of help.

You can see what I’ve accomplished this year, and what I plan to accomplish next year on my website -

For part of my campaign I’m hosting a student video showcase, featuring videos created and produced right here at Fanshawe College. Come have your lunch in Forwell Hall on Wednesday, March 17th and we’ll be showcasing student made videos starting at noon, and we’ll have free popcorn for everybody! I will also be present to answer any questions that students have.

A big thank you goes out to all the people that have supported me this far. This is for all staff, faculty, and fellow students who have helped me along the way. I owe it to all of you to do the very best that I can as FSU President (fingers crossed!).

Thank you for reading and voting!

VP External and Academic Affairs

MCDONALD, BruceBruce McDonald
Hello Fanshawe Students, my name is Bruce, I am a candidate for the office of V.P. External & Academic Affairs. I am a mature student in my first year of a two year diploma program called (Police Foundations/Law and Security Administration).

I come from a career in Television Broadcasting, that spanned some 15 years, all of it in London. I have attended Fanshawe College previously (Television Broadcasting), it was a wonderful experience and being given a second chance to attend the College I feel that I really want to give back in some practical way.

The office of V.P. External & Academic Affairs seem to fit my personality well in so much as I enjoy working with people and would thoroughly enjoy finding solutions to problems (that seem to plague students). Scheduling seem to be a problem wayyyyy back when I first attended Fanshawe.

I promise to give you a hundred and ten % effort and if given the chance I will represent Fanshawe proudly.

PHILP, MalcolmMalcolm Philp
My name is Malcolm Philp, and I’m running to be your VP External for the 2010-2011 year! I was born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario, and after doing some touring around, I decided to move to London last year to come to Fanshawe College. I am currently a student in the Construction Engineering Management program.

If I was voted in as VP External, I would be responsible for handling and helping students with academic appeals by guiding them through the appeal process while also being a source of support. The VP External position would also be responsible for representing Fanshawe students on college committees, and to make sure that the students voice is heard in all aspects of the college life.

I believe that I would be a good candidate for VP External because I will stand up for the student’s voice in all aspects of the college and be a source of support for anyone who needs help. I have experience on student councils representing students and solving any issues that they had quickly and effectively.

I hope all of you will consider me for the position of VP External for the 2010-2011 year.

VP Finance

PAYNE, AndrewAndrew Payne
With a year of student union experience as the VP Entertainment, which has been very cool, I’ve already learned how the board works and made friends with plenty of college staff around campus. I’ve been given a rundown of what is involved with the position by our current VP Finance including three main areas: awards, bursaries and scholarships.

I’m looking forward to a great year serving you as the VP Finance.


VP Internal

BARAHONA, VeronicaVeronica Barahona

Once a year, as a student you get the opportunity (or tedious task to some) to choose the upcoming years Student Union - that time is now. I’m Veronica Barahona and I’m running for the VP Internal position for the FSU. The Internal position does a number of things such as raise money and awareness for the Shinerama (“Students Fighting Cystic Fibrosis” Canada’s largest post-secondary school fundraiser) around Fanshawe during Orientation Week, assist with awareness weeks (alcohol awareness week, sexual awareness week, volunteer week, clubs week etc.) and help clubs get started and stay organized throughout the year. I personally think I would do a lot with the position, I have worked to raise money for organizations such as the Children’s Health Foundation in London as well as the Children’s Aid Society in London - I’m passionate about making a small but significant difference and I’m hoping that I can generate that same attitude with all of you! This year I’m running unopposed but I’m going to campaign as though I do have competition because I should totally work for the title... so starting March 10th until the 18th you’ll see me around campus, come up and ask me questions and then make up your mind whether you think I deserve a YES vote or a NO vote. Get informed, make a decision and VOTE MARCH 15th - 18th on FOL or at a designated voting station around campus; the outcome of the election is in your hands!

VP Entertainment

AYOTTE, JoeHello interrobangers and interrobangees, I’m taking this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Joe Ayotte and I’m a first year Music Industry Arts student here at Fanshawe as well as a graduate of Mohawk College’s Pre-Media & Entertainment program.

Earlier this year a friend in second year, Vice President of Entertainment Andrew Payne, let us know that the Fanshawe Student Union offers students the opportunity to run for the office of VP of Entertainment each year. When I looked into it more, I found that the duties of VP of Entertainment are similar to the duties I’ll be responsible for when entering the real-world music industry, including arranging contracts and event organization. Since I found out about this opportunity I’ve picked Andrew’s brain about the position and I feel that I’m the right person for the job.

As a Music Industry Arts student, I’m continuously learning more about the entertainment industry. I’ve learned the importance of contracts and how to work out a fair deal. I’m also learning the responsibilities of band management as well as the expectations of the performers. In Pre-Media and Entertainment I learned the importance of communication and organization in the workplace. All of these skills are vital to making sure that Fanshawe has quality Entertainment for everyone!

I love meeting new people and hearing their opinions, especially on things like music! So if you see me in the hall or in the Out Back Shack, don’t be shy, say hey!

VP Athletics

HOWES, Derek R.Derek Howes
The names Howes, Derek Howes! And I plan on being your next VP of Athletics! Some of my goals for next year are to bring the student body together and provide as much as possible for them to meet the student’s needs. I want to get more of the student body out to varsity games and improve the numbers on the intramural program at Fanshawe College. I also want to get the word out on the many bursaries for all the varsity athletes.

I have been working in the Athletics Department for 2 years now. I started out as an athletic technician assistant and have moved my way to the athletics assistant. I also graduated from the Recreation and Leisure program in 2009 and did my co-op at the athletics department at Fanshawe College. There, I ran the men’s and women’s intramural volleyball program. I also play for the men’s varsity volleyball team. I play right side and power and if you don’t mind me saying, I can hit a mean attack line ball! I am currently in the Police Foundations program going through to hopefully one day, serve and protect! I am an active student on the campus and helped run the OCAA Men’s Basketball Provincial Championships this past weekend. I am very outgoing and laid back. I come from London, Ontario and am very serious on becoming the new VP of Athletics. I hope to see you all out at Forwall Hall for my speech on Tuesday, March 16th!