Fanshawe student helps organize Hearts for Haiti

An organization with ties to Fanshawe is in its beginning stages to help aid the many earthquake survivors of Haiti.

University of Western student Debbie Eybergen and Fanshawe second year pharmacy technician program student Donovan McMurphy, have organized a Hearts for Haiti fundraiser.

The duo teamed up with the hope of raising urgently needed funds to help the survivors of Haiti and the many families that have been affected by the earthquake.

“I always felt compassion and wanted to help, but just didn't know what it actually involved,” admitted Eybergen.

“I wanted to do something big...something that could potentially raise a lot of money,” she added.

The 7.3 magnitude earthquake has claimed over 200,000 lives and many have still not been found under all the destruction the quake caused.

Haiti 2010The quake hit very close to Haiti's capital Port-au-Prince, seriously damaging the country's infrastructure, which included the electrical system along with the communications system.

Hearts for Haiti has come up with an easy method for people to get involved and help make a difference, one person at a time.

“We've got a Facebook group up and running...where people are free to post ideas, and read up on the events to come from Hearts for Haiti,” said McMurphy.

The duo are determined to do whatever it is they can in order to raise awareness for the survivors of Haiti and seeing that 100 per cent of the proceeds raised will go directly for the people of Haiti.

According to Eybergen, the coordinator of Hope for Haiti Dieudonne Batraville, will help by giving the locals of Haiti food, supplies and other means of help.

Batraville will also match 100 per cent of donations made to Hearts for Haiti.

Eybergen stated Haiti is in much need of medical supplies, food, blankets, and the money they aim to raise will help with these basic necessities first.

“Only time will tell...however, we will try everything we can to continue to raise money and help this country...they have always needed our help and the most critical time is now,” she said.

First steps have been established for donating to Hearts for Haiti by the pairs' employer at Harmony Grand Buffet.

“They have agreed to let us take a portion of money out of each dinner sold on Saturday February 13 and Sunday February 14...Valentine's Day donate to Haiti,” Eybergen said.

The owner of the restaurant has also agreed to donate a fair portion out of his own pocket, Eybergen added.

The duo also plan on creating events at stages, clubs, bars and other easily accessible public areas in which local artists and musicians can come and play for a crowd, said McMurphy.

There is no specific time frame by which donations have to be made for the Hearts for Haiti fundraiser.

“With an estimated half of London's populations worth of people in Haiti killed, and an estimated one million homeless individuals, I don't think anyone can say it would be a fast and easy rescue missionthe idea is to help for as long as possible,” said McMurphy.

For further information regarding the Hearts for Haiti fundraiser, please see the Facebook group for all upcoming local events and help Haiti today.