Big ideas for your future

Sometimes you just don't know what exactly is in store for you in your future.

Recently the London Convention Centre in collaboration with Farm Credit Canada held an informative all day seminar regarding people's futures and what it takes to persevere and succeed despite the shape of the economy.

The day consisted of world-renowned speakers that included Peter Mansbridge, anchor of CBC's The National, Chantal Petitclerc, a Paralympics gold medalist and Chris Emery and Larry Finnson, creators of Clodhoppers candy.

Peter MansbridgeThe speakers' series discussed in great detail the importance of going after specific goals and not allowing time for little setbacks, which are ultimate obstacles everyone faces in life.

The FCC put together a helpful top 10 list for helping turn your big ideas into reality:

- Decide. Every decision you make affects what you become. Once you make a decision, you start a path to a destination. Not making a decision can potentially limit your future.

- Focus. Once you start to focus on a goal, it becomes a magnet, pulling you toward it. The more focused your energies, the more power you generate.

- Plan. Strategize how you'll attain a goal. What are the steps and tactics you need to do, to move forward to the end result? Planning also helps you prepare for potential issues or roadblocks.

- Talk. Tell people about your goal. Welcome feedback, comments and criticism of your goals. When you involve others, it provides a level of accountability.

- Write it down. When goals aren't written down, they are easily forgotten.

- Act. When you set a goal, there is a distance between your current state and the desired state. Unless you take action, your goals are a series of postponements, delays and missed opportunities.

- Remain flexible. You may find that achievements take longer than you first thought. It's important to understand that goals can and do change. Change the goal if needed.

- Use positive talk. Examine your speech. You can and will inspire confidence in yourself with the words you use. Use language like “I will” or “I can” to bolster your confidence.

- Measure. What gets measured gets done. Measuring tells you where you are in relation to where you want to be. Second, it tells you how you are doing in the process of pursuing your goals.

- Celebrate. Recognize your achievements. When you reward the right behaviour and results, you almost guarantee a repeat performance.

Find your passion in life and don't waste time by not pursuing it fully.