Take the power back: Time for liberation

I am fed up with the way this entire world is structured and governed. I think as a species we have so much more potential than this. The way we are forced to live disgusts me every day. Everything is backwards.

We eat garbage-processed fast foods that physically poison us every day because we can't afford the luxury of nutritious organic foods. We drink water filled with chemicals and heavy metals that is piped into our homes because our local rivers are polluted far worse and the rain is acidic. We are so disconnected from our most basic natural needs. Most of us can recognize the brand names of hundreds of corporations but not even the edible plants growing in our ecosystems.

It is this alienation from nature that is driving us full speed off the cliff of ecological collapse. Global warming is directly related to this alienation. We've forgotten that we are a part of the Earth not separate from it. We have literally declared war on the planet we live on. We've forgotten how to live, and we will all die very soon unless we start remembering.

How did we come to this? How the hell did our world get paved, blasted, mined, dammed, drilled, dumped on, and filled with poisons? How did we come to accept this reality? How did our communities deteriorate while the prisons got bigger and bigger? How did we go from love and hope to fear of everything? Our minds have been totally colonized and programmed by those who want to keep us subservient. We need to unplug from their systems of social control.

I can't tell you what you should or shouldn't do. It is not my place to dictate your decisions. You already know something needs to happen. And you know far better than anyone else what it is you should do to liberate yourself from the forces of domination and destruction. You know better than everyone else what can be done to directly defend the ecosystem you live in.

The future is up to you. Nobody can decide your path but yourself. We all have our own visions of what a better world would look like. My vision is a world without domination. A world where we are all free. I don't want this castle (or prison depending on where you sit in the castle) to be rebuilt after we tear it apart. I want to permanently emancipate myself and my community and this planet from all the forces of coercion, fear, domination, control, and manipulation that are spread by our rulers to hoard and gain ever-more power.

I want us to become radically reconnected to our natural world and communities. I want nation-states to dissolve. I want everybody to take collective responsibility for their actions. I want prisons, malls, banks, and government buildings to disappear. I want us to resolve all our disputes without cops, courts, and jails. I want to be able to drink water out of my local river and eat food growing wild in vibrant ecosystems. I want more than any political system of social control could ever offer me. I want my life back, and I'm ready to fight for it.

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